Iranian President Hassan Rohani warned that changes to the nuclear deal would “decrease…international trust placed in the United States of America. Photo: AP

TEHRAN.— Iranian President Hassan Rohani, speaking in an interview with U.S. news channel CNN, and broadcast September 19 in this capital, warned of the consequences if the nuclear deal between his country and the Group of 5+1 were to be scrapped.

Rohani explained that such a move would “decrease…international trust placed in the United States of America,” which has been pushing for changes to the pact between Tehran and the G5+1 (the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China plus Germany), since July 2015.

He also warned that pulling out of the agreement could have repercussions with regard to North Korea, noting that “if the United States wishes to withdraw from the JCPOA, why would the North Koreans waste their time sitting around the table of dialogue with the United States,” stated Rohani.

What is more, Iran could quickly revert back to the nuclear program it was developing before the G5+1 agreement was signed.

"Given that Mr. Trump's actions and reactions and policies are somewhat unpredictable, we have thought long and hard about our reaction," stated the President, who went on to note that any response from Tehran would come "quite swiftly.”

As part of the historic G5+1 nuclear deal international sanctions against Iran were lifted in exchange for controls on its nuclear program; limiting its activities to those designed for peaceful means.

However, the White House is demanding changes to the deal, including inspections by the International Atomic Emergency Agency of Iranian military facilities, which was rejected outright by Iranian authorities.

The global atomic energy institution has reported that it continues to conduct regular inspections of the country’s nuclear facilities, noting that to date Iran has been complying with its commitment under the deal. (PL)