Sunday, October 15, saw the 22nd elections to be held in the past 18 years of Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela. Photo: AVN

CARACAS.– The Bolivarian Revolution won 17 of 22 state governorships following the regional elections held this Sunday, October 15, according to the President of the National Electoral Council (CNE), Tibisay Lucena, on announcing the preliminary election results.

With 95.8% of all votes counted, providing irreversible results for 22 of the country’s 23 states, it was confirmed that the Bolivarian Revolution had won 17 state governorships, while opposition parties had secured five. An irreversible result is yet to be announced for the one remaining state of Bolívar.

According to the CNE president, 61.14% of the electorate came out to vote, compared to the 53.94% turnout of the regional elections of 2012.

Chavista forces triumphed in Miranda state, where the opposition has historically obtained a majority of votes. Residents of this state were severely affected by the violent protests that occurred between April and July, resulting in more than 100 dead.

On learning the results, Venezuelans celebrated the strengthening of their democracy, following an election day that developed in complete normality.

“This has been the largest turnout in recent years, it is historic, much higher than when we elected governors in December 2012,” stressed the head of the Chavista Zamora 200 Campaign Command, Jorge Rodríguez.

A total of 18,099,391 Venezuelans were entitled to vote in 13,559 polling stations throughout the country, with 30,274 voting machines. Residents of the Capital District did not participate in the elections as Caracas is a jurisdiction with a Metropolitan mayoralty, rather than a governorship.