BRUSSELS, Belgium.-Members of the European Parliament and numerous activists yesterday demanded an end to the United States blockade against Cuba, stressing its extraterritorial nature.

Participants at the meeting entitled “End the Blockade against Cuba,” which took place November 29-30 in this regional legislative body, debated the impact of this hostile policy which extends to Europe and other nations of the world, reported PL.

In this regard, the spokesperson for the Swedish chapter of the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity to the Peoples, Vania Ramírez, maintained that the blockade against Cuba also affects European citizens, who often encounter obstacles such as when attempting to access Cuban products.

Likewise, the fines imposed on various European banks for carrying out operations related to Cuba were cited.

The meeting was headed by MEPs and representatives of social movements from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Belgium, among other nations, and organized by the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left and by the Cubanismo solidarity association.

Participating were the Director of the William Soler Pediatric Cardiology Hospital, Eugenio Selman Hussein Sosa; the Vice President of the Economic Affairs Standing Committee of the Cuban National Assembly, Oscar Luis Hung Pentón; and Camilo Guevara, director of the Che Guevara Studies Center.