SANTO DOMINGO.–After several bilateral meetings between the government delegation and representatives of the Venezuelan opposition, on Wednesday, January 31, the two sides signed a record of progress in their negotiations held in the Dominican Republic, informed the head of the delegation of the national Executive, Jorge Rodríguez.

“The negotiation table has allowed us to reach a preliminary agreement between the parties, which allowed us to sign a document which contains the areas of understanding between the Venezuelan right and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” Rodríguez stated, as broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

He noted that the signing of this act implies the defeat of external factors attempting to interfere in the dialogue process in Venezuela, and reaffirms the pacifist sentiment of the country. “For every warmonger there are millions of good souls in the Venezuelan homeland and in the world, who love tranquility, peace and that is precisely what is contained in this agreement,” Rodríguez emphasized, as reported by AVN.

Meanwhile, the head of the opposition delegation to the peace negotiations, Julio Borges, acknowledged that there is progress toward a definitive agreement with the national government, although all the points of discussion have not yet been settled.

“There are many important issues that require further work to see if the final result is an agreement for peace,” he said at a press conference.