Lula’s habeas corpus appeal was rejected by Brazil’s Federal Supreme Court. Photo: Clacso Photo: Granma

Brasilia.– The Workers Party of Brazil (PT) will defend the candidacy of former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva “in the streets and at all times, no matter what.”
This, according to an April 5 statement by the Party after the Federal Republic of Brazil's Supreme Court rejected the habeas corpus appeal presented by the founder of the PT’s defense team, in a ruling which lasted through the early hours and during which, according to the Party itself, justice was not achieved.
“By denying Lula a right afforded all citizens, that of defending one’s freedom no matter what, the majority of the Federal Supreme Court (FSC) bowed to pressure scandalously orchestrated by the Globo network,” read the statement.
“This fundamental right, enjoyed by all, was denied Lula,” noted the text.
In a session which lasted several hours the FSC decided, by six votes to five, to reject the habeas corpus appeal presented by Lula’s defense team, after a court of appeals sentenced the former president to 12 years and one month in prison.

Although the case for which the PT founder is being tried revolves around an apartment that he allegedly received as a bribe, the whole process is an act of political persecution attempting to prevent Lula from participating in the upcoming presidential elections, which he is expected to win.
As it stands, the prosecution has failed to provide any legal evidence against Lula in an unlawful trial, in which a crime has not been determined, and lawyers have not been able to prove that he spent even a couple of hours in the alleged apartment.

Taking to his Twitter account Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro stated: “This injustice hurts my soul. The right, given their inability to win democratically, has chosen the judicial path to try and intimidate the popular forces. Sooner or later the Great Homeland will overcome.”

Meanwhile, Bolivian President, Evo Morales, stated, “The oligarchy has no interest in democracy or justice. The true reason for the ruling against our brother Lula is to stop him from being re-elected President of Brazil (…) We stand with the leaders of the people.”

Likewise, former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa extended his “arm of solidarity to my brother and comrade Lula da Silva. We all know that your only “crime” was to have lifted 38 million Brazilians from poverty, without submitting to Brazil’s elites. It’s just a matter of time. The power of the people will return with the force of a hurricane, Resist!”

In addition former Uruguayan president José Mujica expressed his support for Lula stating, “I know that the struggle continues and will continue despite the judges and the press. We accompany you in the struggles of the humble people of Brazil,” he noted. •


- Lula could request a new habeas corpus appeal and his sentence could be overturned by the Supreme Courts.

- The former head of state can also appeal his sentence before the Supreme Court Justice and Federal Supreme Court, which will decided whether his trial was conducted within the parameters of the law and Constitution.
- If the supreme courts decide that the process was not conducted correctly, Lula’s sentence for the apartment case could be definitively overturned.