Photo: AVN

During a national radio and TV broadcast, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro presented evidence regarding the failed attempt on his life that occurred this past August 4.
There are still suspects at large, including Rayder Alexander Russo Márquez, residing in Colombia, and Osmán Alexis Delgado Tabosky, a U.S. resident, both being sought by Venezuelan justice, reported teleSUR.
Juan Carlos Monasterios, one of the suspects, was arrested and has provided details regarding who, in Colombia, hired, trained, and financed the attack. He revealed that also involved was Venezuelan deputy Juan Requesens, now under arrest.
What the evidence shows thus far:
A drone was taken into the Cipreses business center by group calling itself Bravo, and up to the 10th floor by terrorists trained at the Atalanta farm in Chinacotá, in the Colombian municipality of Santander.
They had observed preparations for a July 24 parade in the Venezuelan state of Carabobo, as well as one on July 5, and considered carrying out the attack at these events, but decided they were not adequately prepared.
Friday afternoon, they confirmed details of the August 4 event, learning that it would to take place on Bolivar Avenue, not on Los Próceres, and therefore moved the drone. At the same time, a second drone was taken to the Cipreses by another group.
On the day of the attack, the two drones were deployed, the first exploded near the Presidential stand at the event, while the second was disoriented and crashed into the Eduardo building.
Ten minutes after the attack, two persons with the drone remote control were captured, thanks to popular intelligence.
The intellectual authors of the attack also participated in violent actions in 2017, and offered those 50 million dollars and U.S. residency to the individuals who carried out this terrorist act.
All statements by those arrested point toward the Venezuelan opposition leader Julio Borges, who lives in Colombia.