Photo: Araquém Alcántara

- What President Jair Bolsonaro has done by dynamiting the More Doctors program, and effectively eliminating access to quality healthcare for millions of Brazilians, is sadly familiar, similar to many other attacks on Cuban international collaboration from the regional right wing.

- This type of sabotage has a strong resemblance to the Parole Program for Cuban Medical Professionals, a migratory scheme cooked up by the U.S. government that was in effect until January 17 of last year.

- For more than a decade, the Parole Program created in 2006 by George W. Bush, encouraged Cuban health personnel working in third countries to abandon their missions and emigrate to the U.S.

- Any attempt to undermine and weaken one of Cuba’s most valuable assets - its professionals - is not fortuitous or an isolated event. It is a clear signal of agreement with U.S. foreign policy, on the part of Bolsonaro.

- Just a few days ago, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Kimberly Breier applauded the position taken by the future Brazilian head of state.

- The offer to revalidate the professional credentials of doctors who stay as individuals are deceptive because the country’s Medical Association opposes this. There are thousands of doctors in Brazil whose licenses have not been revalidated. For every 100 doctors who take the required exam, only eight pass.