Assel and Landy (talking with a patient) in Kenya. Photo: Twitter

"Given the abduction of Cuban doctors Assel Herrera and Landy Rodríguez in Kenya, I have maintained systematic communication with that country’s Minister of Health, who reiterated that his government continues efforts to secure the safe return of our doctors," tweeted Cuban Minister of Public Health José Ángel Portal Miranda, who along with a government work group is following the rescue work.

It was also reported that other members of the medical brigade in Kenya are safe and taking extra security precautions, especially in regions bordering Somalia, including moving to different residences, evacuation from some areas, additional security personnel, and maintaining direct lines of communication with families in Cuba. Collaboration also continues at the governmental level and with the Kenyan national police, with which Cuban authorities have discussed the investigation.

"We have direct communication with the head of the Cuban Medical Mission in Kenya, who reports that our remaining health collaborators in that country are safe. We keep family members informed in Cuba," Minister Portal Miranda stated.

Patients of Assel Herrera and Landy Rodríguez in Kenya, upon hearing the news of the abduction, have expressed their concern and prayers in gestures of gratitude to these two doctors who came to the region despite very challenging material conditions.

Messages of support, solidarity, and hope have arrived from all corners of the globe where Cubans are completing cooperative missions.