CAPTURING the beauty of the depths of the sea in the Guanahacabibes Peninsula in an image, will be the challenge for those competing in the 5th International Underwater Photography Contest, IMASUB 2015, scheduled for June 13.

The María La Gorda International Diving Center is located in the Guanahacabibes Peninsular in Pinar del Río province, in the west of Cuba.

Lovers of diving and photography from Cuba and across the world can participate in the event, which returns to the María la Gorda International Diving Center in Pinar del Río, located in the Guanahacabibes Biosphere Reserve, in the categories of fauna, macro, scenery and scenery with model.

More than a competition, the event is an opportunity to share experiences and discover the charms of María la Gorda diving sites, Frank País Oltuski, vice president of marketing of the Gaviota Tourism Group, explained.

Meeting with tour operators, travel agents and journalists, Oltuski emphasized that they expect to see record breaking attendance of national and international divers at this 5th edition of the competition.
Each participant will select three photos in each category, which may not be modified in any way not performed by the sealed camera used, according to conditions established by the judging panel, chaired by prestigious Cuban photographer Julius Larramandi.
The competition rules also state that competitors may use lighting equipment, filters and masks and must use pressure and depth gauges and stabilizing jackets.

Claudia Riverón, commercial specialist at Gaviota Tours, explained that a tourism package has been designed for competitors with special prices for an itinerary of seven days and six nights, including lodging, food, transportation and six dives.
María la Gorda diving sites are ranked among the top in the world and the best in Cuba, allowing for visibility of up to 30 meters longitudinal distance in depths of 25-30 meters, due to the transparency of the water.
The story goes that the name of the area comes from a woman abandoned there by pirates, who survived and decided to make the most of the prime location to install a small business.