Tourists who enjoyed the first excursion agreed that traveling along the coast by sea was a big attraction.

Gibara.— Excursions by sea to this coastal town from the tourist resorts of Holguín are now a reality, given the installation of a boarding platform operated by the Guardalavaca branch of the Marlin S.A. nautical enterprise.

The director of the entity, Ángel Luis Ochoa Suárez, who arrived aboard the catamaran used on the inaugural trip, told Granma that the new dock, a floating platform anchored to the seabed of the Bay of Gibara, offers full security to vessels and their passengers.

Largely composed of structures purchased from a foreign firm specializing in such installations, the dock, a result of investment totaling 261,000 CUC, projects some 50 meters out into the sea and allows for vessels to moor both at its tip and sides.

Another advantage is the proximity to the main square of Gibara, facilitating visitors’ immediate contact with heritage buildings and historic sites, one of the main attractions for those who choose to join this excursion.

The boat trip covers a distance of approximately ten miles and is scheduled once a week aboard catamarans. The starting point is the Puerto de Vita port, before heading to Bariay, where Christopher Columbus landed in 1492, and subsequently following the same route traveled by the colonizer to Gibara.

On the inaugural excursion, which coincided with the 12th International Cine Pobre (Low-Budget) Film Festival held in Gibara, and the festive atmosphere this event generates, 25 tourists traveled aboard the catamaran, accompanied by tour operators and agents eager to experience and discover details of this new attraction, in order to promote it in all its magnitude.

According to Ángel Luis Ochoa, the Marlin-Guardalavaca branch is establishing a range of offers and activities which will ensure greater tourist numbers at this coastal town. One of the most attractive is the possibility of kayaking, which should be available from October this year following the signing of a contract with a foreign tour operator. “The idea is to bring groups of tourists here for two days, a period in which they will practice (kayaking) in the bay and the river which flows into it,” the director explained.

Similarly, those visitors staying in Ministry of Tourism facilities, or non-state sector bed & breakfast accommodation in the area, numbers of whom are on the increase, will be able to enjoy these coastal excursions.

What has been done so far and planned for the future, Ochoa noted, aims to increase Marlin S.A.’s revenue, while also helping to promote the destination of Gibara, which enjoys natural conditions ideal for tourism, a sector which is also stimulated by interesting projects undertaken by local authorities.