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Santiago de Cuba

Actor Danny Glover pays tribute to Fidel and Martí

U.S. actor Danny Glover, who was recently awarded the Friendship Medal by Cuba’s Council of State, will meet with artists, writers and journalists from Santiago de Cuba before returning to Havana

Scenes from Election Day

The Cuban people were the protagonists of elections on Sunday March 11. Granma offers readers stories and anecdotes from across the entire island on Election Day

Cuban construction sector: A priority for foreign investment

Ten construction sector projects, including one located in the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM), aimed at attracting international capital feature in the country’s new 2016-2017 Foreign Investment Portfolio, presented during the 34th Havana International Trade Fair

The Revolution is on the street

Professionals and technicians facilitate the diagnosis of homes damaged by the tornado, while work accelerates on the adaptation of buildings, and the location of vacant land, to build new homes

Dedication and commitment, pillars of People's Power

The country's new Provincial Assemblies of People's Power began their term in office March 25, and have elected their presidents and vice presidents

Fidel’s city

The mutual love filled with glory and victories, which was sealed from the very first time he saw its sky, sea and mountains, met its men and women, faithful to a history of enduring struggles for the homeland, has just been confirmed for all time: Santiago de Cuba is Fidel’s city

Sixty-five years since the assault on the future

Yesterday Cubans of several generations began celebrations of the 65th anniversary of the assaults on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Céspedes Garrisons


Reenactment of Moncada assault dedicated to Fidel

The walls of the former Moncada Garrison were again illuminated in the dawn hours this July 26, the 64th anniversary of the assault launched by the Centenary Generation, when 160 young students reenacted the glorious action inspired by the legacy of Fidel