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Santos thanks Cuba for its contribution to the Colombian peace process

Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, stated on July 17, that his official visit to Cuba had two objectives: expressing his gratitude for the work of the Cuban people and government in the Colombian peace process, and expanding economic and commercial ties

Milagro Sala: Imprisoned for her struggle

A year and five months ago the indigenous leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association, Milagro Sala, was arrested at her home in Argentina for alleged “incitement to commit crimes and public disturbance”


Elections in sight

On September 24…the German people will be called on to choose members of the Bundestag, the country’s Federal Parliament, responsible for exercising the will of the people, passing federal laws, and choosing the nation’s Chancellor

Latin America & Caribbean committed to peace

The First International Seminar on Realities and Challenges of the Proclamation of Latin America and the Caribbean as a Zone of Peace opened yesterday, September 21, in Havana


Moving toward a prosperous future

Nicaragua has advanced significantly, thanks to Sandinista economic and social policies


Eternal solidarity with Cuba

The 27th Pastors for Peace Caravan is currently visiting the island, where participants will undertake a series of activities through July 29


Presidential elections coming soon

Amid scandals and the emergence of unexpected candidates, France is going to the polls this coming April, to choose the next President and decide the country's future


July 19: The triumph of hope

This is a month of celebration in Nicaragua, since on July 19, 1979, the Sandinista Revolution triumphed after overthrowing the Somoza dictatorship

Cuba ready to host the Seventh ACS Summit

Cuba has made all the necessary preparations to ensure the success of the Seventh Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), to be held in Havana, Manuel Aguilera de la Paz, director general for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted on May 24

A medal for great friends of Cuba

Danny Glover, and Estela and Ernesto Bravo were presented with the Medal of Friendship awarded by Cuba’s Council of State