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Cuba committed to sustainable tourism

The island has numerous natural attractions to support sustainable tourism: 5,800 kilometers of coastline; 211 protected areas; and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among others


Unity during difficult times

The 15th ALBA-TCP Political Council is being held at a difficult moment, when unity, organization and solidarity are necessary, noted Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla on April 10, summarizing the significance of the meeting held that day in the Cuban capital

Guatemala committed to integration

Granma spoke exclusively with the Foreign Minister of Guatemala, Carlos Raúl Morales, who referred to climate change, combating drug trafficking and the state of relations with Cuba


Daniel Ortega: Set for another victory

Although this November 6 will see several parties vying for the Presidency, the FSLN is the favorite to win

A walled Europe

The current migratory crisis in the region has led a number of countries in the area to construct impassable border fences as a solution

Catalonia has not abandoned its hopes of independence

Attempts by Catalonia to separate from Spain continue to make the news, with the region's legislature recently approving a budget for 2017 which included funds for the holding of a referendum on the issue

Nicaragua’s honor will not be crushed

Today, various historians agree that were it not for the events of May 4, 1927, in Nicaragua, the victory of the Sandinista Revolution of July 19, 1979, would not have occurred

Cuba ready to host the Seventh ACS Summit

Cuba has made all the necessary preparations to ensure the success of the Seventh Summit of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS), to be held in Havana, Manuel Aguilera de la Paz, director general for Latin America and the Caribbean at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted on May 24

A medal for great friends of Cuba

Danny Glover, and Estela and Ernesto Bravo were presented with the Medal of Friendship awarded by Cuba’s Council of State