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Catalonia has not abandoned its hopes of independence

Attempts by Catalonia to separate from Spain continue to make the news, with the region's legislature recently approving a budget for 2017 which included funds for the holding of a referendum on the issue

Chile remains committed to Colombian peace process

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, arrived in Havana today, June 23, to participate in the signing ceremony of agreements reached by the Colombian government and FARC-EP, on a bilateral and final ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, decommissioning of weapons, and security guarantees

Potential for increased Caribbean trade highlighted

This Friday, June 3, José Chaple Hernández, director of Trade Policy for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Trade and Investment, noted the potential for increased Caribbean trade

A new chapter of relations between Cuba and the EU

Cuba and the European Union opened a new chapter in bilateral relations after the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA) between the two parties provisionally entered into force, this November 1

Cuba committed to sustainable tourism

The island has numerous natural attractions to support sustainable tourism: 5,800 kilometers of coastline; 211 protected areas; and nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, among others


Moving toward a prosperous future

Nicaragua has advanced significantly, thanks to Sandinista economic and social policies

The OAS’ obsession with Venezuela

The discredited Organization of American States has been targeting the Bolivarian Revolution for years