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ASIA IN 2017

The world looks to the East

The impressive development achieved by the countries of the Asian continent in recent years has resulted in a greater global influence, thus allowing us to envisage a change in the international power balance

Venezuelan President concludes visit to Cuba

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro Moros concluded his official visit to Cuba, yesterday evening, April 22, during which the two countries reaffiormed their strong ties of friendship and cooperation

Cuba attracts the attention of cruise lines

A bilateral symposium held in the Cuban capital November 28-29 provided the opportunity to exchange experiences and evaluate the development of the cruise industry in Cuba

Cuba-China relations at all-time high

Interview with the Director General of the department of Latin American and Caribbean Affairs at China’s Foreign Ministry, Zhu Qingqiao

China’s largest dam completed

Proposed by Mao Zedong in the 1950s, the Chinese government announced the completion of the mega-structure in September 2016

Vietnam and Cuba: Examples of what socialism can achieve

Cuba and Vietnam, separated by thousands of kilometers and with different historical and cultural realities, are examples of the successes of socialism, when it is defended and built with the support of the majority of the people.

Vietnam donates 5,000 tons of rice to Cuba

Cuban authorities reported that the donation will be directed to increasing subsidized stocks of this important food for the population