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Dadaab: The huge refugee camp linking Kenya and Somalia

More than 463,000 refugees currently live in the complex of camps, including some 10,000 people who make up the third generation to have been born in Dadaab of refugee parents, also born there

Men and women of science and conscience

This year, a total of 256 Angolan students graduated in Cuba…Granma spoke with some of them and found that almost all defined their studies in Cuba as one of the best experiences of their lives


Gabon sets sights on economic and social development

During his recent visit to Cuba, Gabonese President Ali Bongo expressed his country’s interest in expanding bilateral cooperation ties and investing in the island

Emancipatory Paradigms Workshop kicks off (+Photos)

The 12th International Emancipatory Paradigms Workshop “Berta Cáceres Vive” (Berta Cáceres lives) was inaugurated January 10

African migration: What’s behind it?

A report by the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) indicated that the total number of migrants arriving in Europe by two main sea routes (Eastern Mediterranean route, and across the Western Balkans) in 2016 fell by nearly two-thirds compared to 2015

Morocco’s controversial return to the African Union

SADR’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mohamed Salem Uld Salek, expressed his government’s willingness to negotiate an end to Rabat’s occupation of Sahrawi territory, based on his people’s right to self-determination

President of Gabon arrives to Cuba

During his stay on the island, the distinguished visitor will hold official talks with Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, President of the Councils of State and Ministers

Embassy of the Seychelles inaugurated in Havana

The flag of the Seychelles now flies on 43rd Street and Avenida Kholy, Nuevo Vedado, Havana, as an irrefutable sign of the country’s presence in the Caribbean