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WHO calls for greater investment in mental health

According to a statement by the Pan American Health Organization, the report recognizes the existence of enormous geographical inequalities in access to mental health services

Sangre Grande: A new legend

Sangre Grande, the largest town in northeastern Trinidad, benefits daily from the services of Cuban medical personnel working in Trinidad and Tobago

Gratitude honored

Cuban health professionals from the Henry Reeve Brigade who participated in the fight against Ebola in West Africa were recognized for their efforts with the 60th anniversary of the FAR commemorative medal.

The doctor I want to be

Just a few months later, the Latin American School of Medicine was inaugurated, in whose classrooms youth from the Americas, Oceania, Eurasia and Africa today learn the art of healing


Cuban collaborators safe and ready to help

Granma International spoke with heads of Cuba’s medical brigades in Haiti, the Bahamas and Jamaica

To Cuba’s health!

Health is a right enshrined in the Cuban Constitution: “Everyone has the right to health protection and care. The State guarantees this right”

Fifty years of Cuban nephrology

The achievements of five decades of continuous efforts to develop and perfect Cuban nephrology will be presented by the Dr. Abelardo Buch López Institute of Nephrology (INEF), which will host various activities March 16 - 18 to mark the 50th anniversary of this specialty on the island

A vital institution for Cuba’s public health system

This May 17 marks the 115th anniversary of the National Institute of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology, an institution that plays an essential role in improving the population’s health

Cuba and the U.S. sign cancer research agreement

The agreement, signed by Dr. Ro­berto Morales Ojeda, Cuban minister of Public Health, and Sylvia Burwell, U.S. secretary of Health and Human Services, is aimed at implementing collaboration projects

Fourth commission reviews work of PPC

Delegates to the fourth commission discussed the Party’s efforts to fulfill the objectives approved at the First National Conference