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The living, brilliant nature of Fidel's concept of Revolution

Fidel felt the need to dialectically summarize what the scope and perspective of revolutionary action should be. As a Marxist-Leninist who did not adhere to paralyzing dogmas or sterile schemas, and a deeply-rooted and solidly committed follower of Martí, the leader of the Cuban Revolution had consolidated a holistic view of reality and, with his personal example at the forefront, had managed to make advances even in the most difficult circumstances.

An intimate portrait of a giant

The photographic exhibition Fidel: An Intimate Portrait was inaugurated in Havana’s Casa del Alba Cultural this August 1st, including more than a dozen images captured by his son, Alex Castro

Taibo II: An activist writer

Casa de las Américas dedicates its Author Week to the Mexican author


A call for peace during Jazz Festival in Havana

“While some beat the drums of war, right here, right now, and in many places only the drums that will be heard are those which invite us to coexistence and solidarity, to harmony and understanding,” stated Cuban poet, Miguel Barnet, upon inaugurating the concert

Finding meaning in a commemoration

One of the most infamous pages of history, the slavery to which women, men and children from the African continent were subjected for centuries, only ended in Cuba in 1886, long after the majority of territories of the Western Hemisphere

The U.S. President should know that so many people can't be wrong

After announcing plans to reinforce hostile U.S. policy toward Cuba, the U.S. President should recognize the failure of his political turn-about, and that so many people can't be wrong, if he takes into consideration the condemnations generated by his reactionary statements, on the island and beyond

National Symphony, committed to creation

Members of the National Symphonic Orchestra (OSN) commented that they felt very encouraged after receiving a message of congratulations from Army General Raúl Castro on

Mama Ruth, icon of the anti-apartheid struggle

On August 9, 1956, Ruth Mompati led more than 20,000 women of diverse ethnicities in a protest march against the Pass laws established by the racist apartheid regime

Piglia, a model reader and writer

For many, the Argentine writer, who died this past January 6 in Buenos Aires, at 75 years of age, was one of the best storytellers in Latin America