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National Symphony, committed to creation

Members of the National Symphonic Orchestra (OSN) commented that they felt very encouraged after receiving a message of congratulations from Army General Raúl Castro on

A call for peace during Jazz Festival in Havana

“While some beat the drums of war, right here, right now, and in many places only the drums that will be heard are those which invite us to coexistence and solidarity, to harmony and understanding,” stated Cuban poet, Miguel Barnet, upon inaugurating the concert

Piglia, a model reader and writer

For many, the Argentine writer, who died this past January 6 in Buenos Aires, at 75 years of age, was one of the best storytellers in Latin America

The world must look upon Africa with reverence and shame

Stated Cuban Minister of Culture, Abel Prieto during the closing ceremony of the International Scientific Committee sessions - Volume IV of the General History of Africa, a project sponsored by UNESCO

Taibo II: An activist writer

Casa de las Américas dedicates its Author Week to the Mexican author


Those who make Cuban music honored

A group of respected Cuban musicians were awarded the National Culture Distinction last night, May 17, in a ceremony at Havana's José Martí memorial, attended by Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, Political Bureau member and first vice president of the Councils of State and Ministers


Drums and much more in the center of the Caribbean

An exposition and day of discussion on funerary traditions in Jamaica, Brazil and Cuba serve as an impressive demonstration of the broad range of points of view on popular religiosity in the Caribbean Basin

Words at the ready

For Fidel, the press always was, is, and will be, a natural medium, a space where ideas are conveyed. His mark on Cuban journalism is remarkable and fundamental