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Golf icon Gary Placer visits Cuba

“Golf attracts tourism, which will increase with the development of the sport. This is the vision that Cuba could have, because it has exquisite natural riches, great beauty, that is to say, enormous potential to attract more travelers and more money”

The Titan Tropic in Cuba

Behind the sharp rivalry among the leaders and the great effort of others just to complete the course, is a complicated logistic challenge, to guarantee the functioning of the race and the comfort of participants

Arlenis Sierra, dreaming big

The Guadalajara 2011 Pan American champion talks about her experience competing on Kazakhstan’s Astana Women's Team, based in Italy, and participating in the 2018 Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Tour

Titan Tropic Cuba: A resounding success

Speaking to Granma International, Juan Porcar, managing director of RPM and creator of Titan Tropic, alongside Félix Dort, highlighted the appeal of the race and thanked all those involved in the organization and execution of the event


The schedule's curveballs

Teams have carefully studied their schedules for the season, marking key dates that could determine their fate


Cuban baseball takes off

Tomorrow August 5, Cuba's classic Baseball National Series kicks off without many organizational changes, as was reported in a league mini-conference prior to opening day

Manrique is a machine

Granma interviews Manrique Larduet, Cuba's most promising gymnast

Carlos Martí and his championship strategy

The 68 year old strategist, both a strict disciplinarian and motivator, led Granma’ Alazanes (Sorrels) during a season which saw them cast as the underdogs from the outset

MLB and Cuba initiate academic exchanges

In the context of the good will visit made by Major League Baseball (MLB), the organization announced its intention to promote exchanges which will see players based in Cuba travel to the U.S. to play in the county’s baseball leagues.