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Cuba: Under-15 Baseball World Champions (+Photos)

Cuba won the Under-15 Baseball World Championship after defeating Japan 9-4 in the final. Loidel Chapellí Jr was named Most Valuable Player of the tournament, while three of his teammates featured in the All Star selection

Arlenis Sierra, dreaming big

The Guadalajara 2011 Pan American champion talks about her experience competing on Kazakhstan’s Astana Women's Team, based in Italy, and participating in the 2018 Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Tour


Fidel is inspiration and motivation

Speaking to Granma International, high-jump world record holder Javier Sotomayor noted “Fidel is inspiration and motivation, an example to follow. He was always with us before, during, and after every competition, wanting to know of all of the details. This is why I am, and always will be, an eternal Fidelista”

Carlos Martí and his championship strategy

The 68 year old strategist, both a strict disciplinarian and motivator, led Granma’ Alazanes (Sorrels) during a season which saw them cast as the underdogs from the outset


Marlíes and Lisandro: Full speed ahead

Marlíes Mejías will play a crucial role in Cuba's attempt to improve this year's Olympic harvest in cycling

Titan Tropic Cuba: A resounding success

Speaking to Granma International, Juan Porcar, managing director of RPM and creator of Titan Tropic, alongside Félix Dort, highlighted the appeal of the race and thanked all those involved in the organization and execution of the event

Shaq, a giant in Havana

Shaquille O’Neal's visit to the island, as a U.S. Department of State Sports Envoy, marks another step in the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States


A new schedule for the national sport

While the Olympics were in full swing, the 56th National Baseball Series, the most popular sporting event in Cuba, commenced on August 7

A little girl among giants

At only 15 years old, gymnast Marcia Videaux dominated in the vault competition to secure a surprising win for the Cuban delegation

Tampa Bay, MLB coming to Cuba

Today, in Cuba we can count the number of national players that have measured up against a majority MLB team on one hand, thus the approaching friendly game against the Tam¬pa Bay Rays (March 22), in Havana, will be a golden opportunity for promising national players to experience the quality and strength of a MLB team.