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Cuba, Russia, friendship and mutual support

Prospects for trade are positive, with both countries focused on expanding economic ties during the Cubaindustria 2016 convention and trade fair underway in Havana

FIHAV 2014

International investors show interest in Mariel Special Development Zone

Work on the first investment projects approved for the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) will begin within the next few months, reported Ana Teresa Igarza Martínez, general director of the ZEDM support office, adding that enterprises beginning operations will be involved in food processing, light industry, construction and renewable energy.

A hero’s vote

Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, exercised his right to vote after nearly two decades


A happy ending

Although the majority of the country’s doctors work in the capital of Maputo, the number is so low that a serious shortage persists, thus the vital importance of support offered by Cuban collaborators throughout the nation

The compassionate face of a country

It is possible that our doctors have turned into kinds of Good Samaritans who travel around the world showing, perhaps, the most - compassionate face of our country - although not the only one

Raúl reelected as First Party Secretary

“I am just one more, like you,” Raúl said after the report announcing the new Central Committee and his reelection was presented by young delegate Emilia Neuri, today, April 19

Terror prefers the innocent

We Cubans have also been victims of this unequal distribution of condolence, just like that of wealth, much as we have been of terrorism, which has forced us to live with the death of 3,478 of our people and the maiming 2,099 others

Cuba’s first luxury five-star plus hotel inaugurated

As part of the Cuban tourist industry’s efforts to attract increasingly selective markets and respond to the demand for high quality services, the island’s first luxury five-star plus establishment, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, was inaugurated June 7

FIHAV 2014

Promoting production and services

The thirty-second edition of the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2014) has shown positive results, evidenced by further technological development and the higher quality products exhibited, stated Ricardo Cabrisas Ruiz, vice president of the Council of Ministers, during the fair’s closing ceremony at the Havana Convention Center on Friday, November 7.