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Fidel... a death that will never arrive

This Saturday Fidel returned to the university where he became a revolutionary, to stand alongside the youth in whom he always believed


Counting on all Cubans

In an unprecedented move, Cuban citizens living abroad will be provided the opportunity to participate in discussion of the proposed new Constitution

Cuba’s first luxury five-star plus hotel inaugurated

As part of the Cuban tourist industry’s efforts to attract increasingly selective markets and respond to the demand for high quality services, the island’s first luxury five-star plus establishment, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, was inaugurated June 7

How is the President elected in Cuba?

The person who becomes the President of Cuba's Council of State is chosen through a process that entails several steps, with the people and their elected representatives participating directly

Cuba for all

The Constitution brings us together as a society with its inclusive spirit of dialogue and respect, religious leaders emphasize

Strengthening regional customs integration

The 41st Annual Conference of the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council, held May 22 through 24 in Havana’s Hotel Nacional, saw the signing of an agreement to give rise to the Caribbean Customs Organization

Three years later, Mariel continues to grow

The Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) continues to advance in efforts to attract new clients and initiate other important investments


Socialism in Cuba is deeply rooted

Our socialism is not an arbitrary imposition, accepted by a docile people, but rather the result of a conscious, popular decision, upheld for generations, and reaffirmed forcefully in 2002 when more than nine million people signed a petition to include its irrevocable nature in the Constitution

Air France-KLM consolidates operations in Cuba

Air France-KLM projects ending the year with a 15% increase in passenger transportation, consolidating its position as the principal carrier between Cuba and Europe, Africa and Asia, and will add supplementary flights this summer