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Counting on all Cubans

In an unprecedented move, Cuban citizens living abroad will be provided the opportunity to participate in discussion of the proposed new Constitution

Cuba ready for election day

More than eight million Cubans are invited to head to the polls this Sunday, November 26, to elect delegates to Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power


Socialism in Cuba is deeply rooted

Our socialism is not an arbitrary imposition, accepted by a docile people, but rather the result of a conscious, popular decision, upheld for generations, and reaffirmed forcefully in 2002 when more than nine million people signed a petition to include its irrevocable nature in the Constitution

The female faces with a profound sense of duty

Today, nine talented women assume the challenge of leading Provincial Assemblies of People’s Power and that of the Special Municipality

FIHAV 2016: The biggest yet

With 75 countries confirmed to attend, the 34th edition of the Havana International Trade Fair is set to be the biggest yet

The continuation of an emancipatory process

The Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power, constituted April 18, symbolizes the continuation of an emancipatory process that has brought us here today. Thirty one Council of State candidates were also elected during the session

How is the President elected in Cuba?

The person who becomes the President of Cuba's Council of State is chosen through a process that entails several steps, with the people and their elected representatives participating directly

Venezuela delivers help and solidarity

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, joined by President Nicolás Maduro and in the name of the Cuban people, received a donation September 22 from the sister Republic of Venezuela, to aid those affected by Hurricane Irma in our country

The noble face of the country

There is much of Cuba in each one of the candidates nominated on Sunday, but much more in what they represent as a whole

Strengthening national industries

Work toward substituting imports by strengthening the role of national industries within the domestic market will be the focus of the Fifth National Trade Fair taking place May 7-23 at the Expocuba fairgrounds