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Cuba’s first luxury five-star plus hotel inaugurated

As part of the Cuban tourist industry’s efforts to attract increasingly selective markets and respond to the demand for high quality services, the island’s first luxury five-star plus establishment, the Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski, was inaugurated June 7

The lifeblood that dignifies and complements

“(…) Women have dignified the Revolution and taken it to the highest level any process of this era has reached," Fidel Castro Ruz

Nicolás Maduro pays his respects in Santa Ifigenia

The Venezuelan President was accompanied by Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, First Combatant Cilia Flores, and Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla

The compassionate face of a country

It is possible that our doctors have turned into kinds of Good Samaritans who travel around the world showing, perhaps, the most - compassionate face of our country - although not the only one

Venezuela delivers help and solidarity

Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, joined by President Nicolás Maduro and in the name of the Cuban people, received a donation September 22 from the sister Republic of Venezuela, to aid those affected by Hurricane Irma in our country

Fidel... a death that will never arrive

This Saturday Fidel returned to the university where he became a revolutionary, to stand alongside the youth in whom he always believed


Socialism in Cuba is deeply rooted

Our socialism is not an arbitrary imposition, accepted by a docile people, but rather the result of a conscious, popular decision, upheld for generations, and reaffirmed forcefully in 2002 when more than nine million people signed a petition to include its irrevocable nature in the Constitution

Cuba, Russia, friendship and mutual support

Prospects for trade are positive, with both countries focused on expanding economic ties during the Cubaindustria 2016 convention and trade fair underway in Havana

A dream of two greats (+Photos)

The Cuban delegation to the ALBA-TCP 14th Summit in Caracas was led by President Raúl Castro, and included Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez, Deputy Minister Rogelio Sierra, and Rogelio Polanco, ambassador in Venezuela

How is the President elected in Cuba?

The person who becomes the President of Cuba's Council of State is chosen through a process that entails several steps, with the people and their elected representatives participating directly