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Where is the demand packaged?

The development of the production of containers and packaging in the country can not be postponed, in order to respond to the growing need for these items

Looking toward 7th Party Congress

Approximately 1,000 delegates will attend the 7th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba, taking place April 16-18.

FIHAV ends, business begins

National Chile and UK day are also taking place on the last day of Fihav 2016, where interest in continuing to expand trade ties, in accordance with the economic transformations taking place in the country, is being reaffirmed

Toward a more autonomous and efficient state enterprise sector

Speaking during a press conference, senior officials from the Ministry of Economy and Planning and the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development explained details of the new legal regulations for the state enterprise sector

New Constitution reflects economic updates

Clearly evident in the proposed constitutional reform is the updating of Cuba’s economic model, based on documents approved during the Seventh Party Congress which point toward a more just society

A country that advances based on its roots

Deputies of the Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power approved the beginning of the constitutional reform process, vital to the nation’s future

Another April 19, another victory

The fact that today Cuba has a new President is not only the result of an electoral process. This was a transition from one historical generation to another, which was as natural as it was transcendental


The importance of all families

The definition in the draft Constitution of marriage as a “union between two people” has been one of the most debated issues during the popular consultation process. Dr. Ana María Álvarez-Tabío Albo spoke to Granma regarding the arguments that support this decision

History takes us back to Birán

With the presence of Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and other family members, the remains of his sister and brother, Angelita and Ramón were interred at the historic Castro Ruz home in Birán, yesterday December 6