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Following in your footsteps

An “I love you” on her lips; she blows him a kiss, standing there in his olive green uniform atop a mountain. Immortal.

A model to “certify” Cuban software

The National Center for Software Quality’s (Calisoft) is focused on evaluating and improving the software development process in Cuba

Fidel, visionary and promoter of informatics in Cuba

With his clear vision of the future, the historic leader of the Revolution understood, early on, the importance of promoting the development of informatics and the electronics industry in Cuba

Commitment of women recognized

In recognition of their outstanding careers and the revolutionary values which have distinguished their leadership within the Federation of Cuban Women, a group of women were awarded the August 23 Distinction, yesterday August 17, a few days prior to the 57th anniversary of the organization's founding

Internet: The same for rich and poor?

In a scenario in which access to information and telecommunications technologies is limited by the development of each country and people’s ability to pay for and learn to use them, the approval – on December 14 by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission – of the withdrawal of measures established in 2015, that favored net neutrality, opens up new digital divides between rich and poor

Greater connectivity means a greater risk of cyber attacks

Through October, the Computer Networks Security Office had reported more than 600 incidents related to cybersecurity in Cuba. The solution to these problems lies, in the first instance, in the risk perception of Internet users


Charting a course for the future

After three days of work in commissions, deputies are today discussing updates on the Digitalization of Society Program and the proposed Terrestrial Waters Act, and meeting in geographical groups