SANTIAGO DE CUBA.— The presentation of the last of four cargo ships, commissioned within the framework of the Cuba-Venezuela Collaboration Agreement and built in the DAMEX shipyard in the city of Santiago de Cuba, represents the fruit of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (Alba-TCP), and a tribute to Comandante Hugo Chávez.

The modern multipurpose ship, named AB Los Monjes (T-94), after the islands located to the northwest of the Gulf of Venezuela, was officially presented to the Bolivarian Navy in a ceremony held December 14. The Bolivarian Navy will be responsible for operating the ship for international trade and humanitarian actions, like that of the first ship (Los Frailes T-91) which transported more than 300 tons of aid to Cuba in the wake of hurricane Sandy which hit the country’s eastern region.

Nilson Hung González, DAMEX financial officer, reported that at 57.27 meters long and 12 meters wide, the ship has the capacity to transport over 740 tons of cargo, and reach a maximum speed of 11 knots, with its two 700 Hp engines. Its prow is equipped with a ramp for quick loading and unloading of vehicles (automobiles-heavy machinery).

It can also transport 42 containers, in addition to general cargo in its hold and is outfitted with tanks able to store 220 cubic meters of fuel and 197 meters of fresh water.

Equipped with modern navigation and satellite communication systems, meeting all technical requirements, regulations and international security norms for shipping and the preservation of human life at sea, it is an ideal cargo ship for the Caribbean region. In accordance with the Cuba-Venezuela Cooperation Agreements the second coastal patrol ship, also destined for the Venezuelan Navy, is currently being built in the DAMEX Shipyard, and in the spirit of Alba-TCP, Cuba has expressed its willingness to construct ships for other member countries.