The registration in Cuba, of HeberNasvac, a new medicine to treat chronic hepatitis B, granted by the Center for State Control of Medications, Medical Equipment and Devices (CECMED), was announced yesterday, December 10, during the closing ceremony of the Second Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Research-Development and Innovation Congress IDIFARMA 2015, held in Havana.

The promising product was created at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) to treat patients suffering from hepatitis B, and features improved antiviral properties with fewer adverse effects than other similar products used worldwide.
Administered through the nose or subcutaneously, the medicine is supported by patents granted in the most demanding markets, while the product has also been the subject of over 20 scientific publications by Cuban researchers in collaboration with experts from the University of Ehime in Japan, the Liver Research Institute in Bangla­desh; the Pasteur Institute in France, and the University of Hanover in Germany, among others.

It was also reported that HeberNasvac is currently undergoing an efficiency study in eight Asian countries, in close collaboration with the French firm Abivax. This investigation has been approved by regulatory authorities from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand.

According to information offered to the press, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Group Bio­­CubaFarma is scheduled to begin using the product sometime next year.