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Ensuring sustainable economic and social progress

Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez presided over the opening ceremony of the 10th International Convention on the Environment and Development, being held in Havana’s Convention Center until July 10

Cuba prepares for the effects of climate change

Dr. Maritza García, president of the Cuban Environmental Agency, highlighted the role of science and the possibilities for action and decisions aimed at disaster risk reduction

Investigating the hurricanes of the past

Cuban researchers are focused on studying the climate, in order to predict the frequency and intensity of hurricanes that may hit the island

Life expectancy: 78.45 years

The provinces of Las Tunas and Holguín have a life expectancy of approximately 79.5 years, the highest in the country

Regenerative medicine

Considered one of the most remarkable global scientific advances of the past two decades in the health field, regenerative medicine shows promising prospects for application in the treatment of various conditions

Medical genetics program reduces infant mortality

Through the progressive implementation of the program throughout the country, the infant mortality rate due to congenital anomalies was reduced from 4.2 in 1980, to 0.9 per thousand live births


Great potential for growth

With a view toward seeking means to generate electricity with less dependence on fossil fuels (basically oil, coal and natural gas), to reduce environmental pollution and mitigate the effects of climate change, renewable energy resources are receiving greater attention worldwide

8,295 patients treated with stem cells

First used in Cuba in February 2004, the advanced procedure is now offered in 14 of the 15 provinces of the country