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National environmental information system to be created

In the context of the 8th Environmental Management Congress, the project to create a national environmental information system was announced, in order to gather and integrate data regarding this crucial area

A natural barrier protecting Cuba's coastline

The recovery of the country's most damaged mangroves is prioritized in a state plan to confront climate change approved by the Council of Ministers this past April

Science and economy, hand in hand

CUBAN science, an indisputable product of the Revolution and Fidel’s visionary thinking, today faces the challenge of more swiftly linking to the production of goods and services, based on obtaining high-tech and innovative results and always closing the research-manufacturing-marketing cycle.

Medical genetics program reduces infant mortality

Through the progressive implementation of the program throughout the country, the infant mortality rate due to congenital anomalies was reduced from 4.2 in 1980, to 0.9 per thousand live births

Regenerative medicine

Considered one of the most remarkable global scientific advances of the past two decades in the health field, regenerative medicine shows promising prospects for application in the treatment of various conditions

Cuba registers hepatitis B medication

The news was announced yesterday, December 10, during the closing ceremony of the Second Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Research-Development and Innovation Congress, IDIFARMA 2015, held in Havana

Clinical trials of promising Cuban monoclonal antibody expanded

Registered in Cuba to treat head, neck, brain (in children and adults), esophageal and more recently, pancreatic tumors, with encouraging results, the humanized monoclonal antibody, nimotuzumab, is currently subject to 27 clinical trials to ensure its safety and effectiveness in the treatment of a further 11 types of cancer