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Science and innovation to promote progress

Cuba’s Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, opened the International Convention on Science, Technology and Innovation, taking place this week in Havana

Investigating the hurricanes of the past

Cuban researchers are focused on studying the climate, in order to predict the frequency and intensity of hurricanes that may hit the island

Heberprot-P registered in 23 countries

Ten years after receiving its health registration and approval to be used in the national health system, the medicine Heber¬prot-P has been used to treat over 55,000 Cuban patients nationwide, with positive results

National survey on population aging underway

Scheduled to conclude on December 15, the study is conducted by the Center for Population and Development Studies (CEPDE) and the Longevity, Aging and Health Research Center (CITED) of the Ministry of Public Health

Irma’s rains help fill reservoirs

From September 5 to date, the volume of water in the country’s reservoirs has increased by 1.9 billion cubic meters

Irma, a hurricane to remember

According to preliminary reports, the flooding caused by Hurricane Irma is perhaps the most severe to have affected Havana’s coastline to date, with over 1.5 meters of water in some areas

The giant who defied hurricanes

Cubans always saw Fidel on the front line when confronting the threat of military attacks against the Homeland, regardless of the risks to his own life

Hurricane Irma makes landfall at Cayo Romano

Last night at around 10:00pm, the powerful hurricane made landfall on Cuban territory at the eastern end of El Romano, along the northern coastline of Camagüey and Ciego de Ávila provinces


The jewel that Fidel conceived

Built in just 19 months, on September 7, 1987, Fidel inaugurated the Immunoassay Center (CIE), charged with the mission of designing and producing technology for the mass screening of different diseases