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Science and economy, hand in hand

CUBAN science, an indisputable product of the Revolution and Fidel’s visionary thinking, today faces the challenge of more swiftly linking to the production of goods and services, based on obtaining high-tech and innovative results and always closing the research-manufacturing-marketing cycle.

8,295 patients treated with stem cells

First used in Cuba in February 2004, the advanced procedure is now offered in 14 of the 15 provinces of the country

The key to disaster preparedness

In order to strengthen the country's capacity to deal with hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and health disasters, set to take place on May 14-15 is the 2016 Meteoro Exercise, organized annually for the past 30 years

New indigenous cave paintings discovered in Cuba

Members of the Pedro Borrás Group affiliated with Cuba’s Speleological Society recently discovered a cave containing indigenous drawings in the Sierra Maestra, to the south-east of Guisa, Granma province

Science and innovation to promote progress

Cuba’s Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, opened the International Convention on Science, Technology and Innovation, taking place this week in Havana

Cuba prepares for the effects of climate change

Dr. Maritza García, president of the Cuban Environmental Agency, highlighted the role of science and the possibilities for action and decisions aimed at disaster risk reduction

El Niño bids farewell

: In the case of Cuba, the influence of this complex weather phenomenon, which affects sea temperature and air pressure, saw record temperatures in 2015, the warmest year since 1951

New vaccines under development

Cuba's Biotechnology Industry Group and BioCubaFarma are researching the potential of new vaccines, including a quadrivalent formula for dengue