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Where is Cuban science headed?

Efforts in this sector are directed toward advancing economic sustainability and technological sovereignty

New indigenous cave paintings discovered in Cuba

Members of the Pedro Borrás Group affiliated with Cuba’s Speleological Society recently discovered a cave containing indigenous drawings in the Sierra Maestra, to the south-east of Guisa, Granma province

Cuba registers hepatitis B medication

The news was announced yesterday, December 10, during the closing ceremony of the Second Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Research-Development and Innovation Congress, IDIFARMA 2015, held in Havana

National survey on population aging underway

Scheduled to conclude on December 15, the study is conducted by the Center for Population and Development Studies (CEPDE) and the Longevity, Aging and Health Research Center (CITED) of the Ministry of Public Health

Irma threatens Cuba

Efforts are already underway by authorities responsible for protecting the population and country’s economic resources to prevent damage and the loss of human life as Hurricane Irma approaches the island

Cuba destroys ozone depleting substances

The first phase of the project will see ozone depleting substances (ODS) recovered during the substitution of over two and a half million refrigerators and close to 300,000 air conditioning systems destroyed


Strengthening preparedness

Strengthening the country's ability to confront dangerous earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts, and health issues is the basic objective of this year's "Meteoro 2017" popular exercise, scheduled May 20-21

Science for the management of marine resources

Topics relating to coastal engineering, marine protected areas, ocean observing systems and ocean influence on climate, among others, will be addressed during the 10th Congress on Marine Sciences, MarCuba 2015