Belarusian ambassador in Cuba, Alexander Alexandrov. Photo: Karoly Emerson

Relations between Cuban and Belarus are of a strategic nature, said Alexander Alexandrov, the European nation's ambassador in Havana, while describing the historic ties between the two peoples and governments.

“The highest leaders of our countries share a sincere friendship. I would describe the relations as special," the diplomat told Granma International during a short interview, noting that the history of bilateral ties is a long one, and that they have stood the test of time.

Closing an event at the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP) to celebrate his country's Independence Day, the ambassador recalled support Belarus has always given Cuba in international bodies to condemn the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the island by the United States for more than 50 years, in an effort to destroy the Revolution.

He mentioned agreements between the two countries regarding mutual compensation and recognition of registered pharmaceuticals, and the development of cooperation in industrial production, signed in 2014, which have made possible the supply of tractors, trucks and other goods from Belarus, under favorable financial terms.

"Our political relations are based on equitable bilateral trade," Alexandrov explained, "Comparing the year 2014 with 2015, there was a 72% increase in commercial trade. We hope that in 2016 there is even more broadening, in sectors like technological innovation, the production of medicine, industry, and agriculture, among others."

Ambassador Alexandrov noted the mutual interest in consolidating world peace   and that both countries have served as hosts for talks to end armed conflicts, as is the case with Havana regarding Colombia, while Minsk has been the site of dialogue on the Ukrainian conflict.

“Cuba's capital was where Belarus established its first embassy after the disintegration of the Soviet Union," he recalled, "Since then, high level delegations from the two countries have visited each other, with the goal of strengthening the ties we share."

In his remarks at the ICAP event, Alexandrov described cooperation with Cuba as close, and stated that Cuba is part of the country's history, since thousands studied in Belarusian universities and graduated as professionals in different branches of the economy.

Every July 3, the Republic of Belarus celebrates its Independence Day, taking the date of a crucial victory in 1944, when German fascism was defeated in Minsk. Bilateral relations between Cuba and Belarus were established April 16, 1992.