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Family medicine in Cuba, an achievement of the Revolution

Last year, Cuba’s 10,851 family doctor’s offices throughout the country offered 83,534,085 consultations, as part of the country’s free, universal National Public Health System

Pastors for Peace celebrate Fidel Castro’s birthday during Cuba tour

Lucius presented Fidel with a bible, to which the latter responded that the book was not yet complete as many pages of love and solidarity – such as the work undertaken by the Pastors for Peace Caravan - still remained to be written…

The blockade persists

The extraterritorial application of the blockade is preventing the donation of a piano to Cuba from the UK

The humane work of a Cuban doctor

The experience of providing services in Venezuela left its mark on Cuban cardiologist Daysi Luperon Loforte, who worked in the municipality of El Tigre, in the state of Anzoátegui, from 2006 to 2010

Ties that continue to strengthen

The solidarity and unconditional support of Belarus to Cuba was ratified by Alexander Alexandrov, the country’s ambassador to the island, speaking to Granma International on the occasion of the Belarusian National Day, July 3

Ana Fidelia Quirot: Challenges for Cuban athletics

“Today, our country has a deficit of sprinters and we must remember that there were other times during which figures such as Silvio Leonard, Aurelia Pentón, Silvia Chivás, Alberto Juantorena shone. We want to reach the top positions in short distance sprint events at the Central American and Pan American games”

Peace Boat brings powerful message to Havana

Some 1,000 passengers from Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, and South Korea recently arrived to Havana, aboard the 17th Peace Boat, on a mission to stop the arms race and promote peace


Learning another lifestyle

The principal function of the Center is education related to diabetes, its prevention and self-management

A firm friend of Cuba

The diplomat describes the Cuban people as very supportive and willing to share their space and time to contribute to other causes