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International solidarity with Cuba on May Day

Trade union friends from around the world will accompany the marches scheduled all across the island to celebrate International Workers' Day under the slogan: For Cuba: Unity and Commitment

African students in Cuba: aspirations and realities

Young Africans Yannick, Joëllevie, Lindokuhle, Thatonatsi, Darions and Abdoulaye, are grateful to Cuba for having welcomed them to the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM), which has graduated over 24,000 health professionals from 84 countries during its 16 years of existence

Hojas sueltas: Heartrending Women’s Stories

The desire to vindicate women active in the emancipatory struggles of Latin America motivated Swiss architect, journalist, and filmmaker René Lechleiter to produce the documentary Hojas Sueltas

Cuba and Russia discuss medical- pharmaceutical exchanges

The Forum saw the participation of 10 companies, during which representatives also discussed licensing Cuban products for the Russian market; supporting scientific projects; technology transfers; and the establishment of joint ventures between the two counties

A home for Argentine-Cuban friendship and solidarity

The Argentina-Cuba Friendship House is located at No. 255 Yrigoyen Street in the Argentine municipality of Bahía Blanca, and works to cultivate solidarity with Cuba and its Revolution, in its efforts to achieve social justice throughout Latin America

La Pradera: Quality medical care

Personalized care offered to patients from around the world distinguishes La Pradera International Health Center, well known for its cancer treatments

French solidarity group supports cooperation with Cuba

In an effort to publicize the accomplishments of the Cuban Revolution and challenge the criminal U.S. blockade of Cuba intended to punish the country's people, the Cuba-France Cooperation Association continues its work, which began some 21 years ago

BioCubaFarma: A globally renowned industry

Enterprise Group makes a decisive contribution to the health of the Cuban people, developing patented strategies, technologies, products and equipment for timely detection, diagnosis and treatment of various illnesse

Cuba solidarity events taking place in Argentina

Thousands of Argentines, members of Cuba solidarity organizations, continue to undertake actions this 2017 with a program of activities drawn up by 96 delegates from nine provinces during an event held November 26-27, 2016