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Cuban medicine: A humanist vocation

“The community comes together to build clinics, organize consultation timetables and queues, look out for the safety and wellbeing of the collaborators, and support them in the smooth functioning of their work”

Cuba offers the world healthcare alternatives

BioCubaFarma, a 100% state owned entity, founded on the country’s highly-skilled professionals and committed to ensuring the population’s health, has been enjoying positive results over the last 50 year


Inclusive education for disabled children

Some 180 students with physical and intellectual disabilities receive personalized attention at Havana’s Solidarity with Panama school


International solidarity on May Day

More than 200 friends of Cuba from 34 countries make up the 11th May Day Solidarity Brigade, who have traveled to the island to express their support for the Cuban Revolution. The brigade’s activities extend from April 25 through May 8 and include participating in the massive May Day parade in Havana

The blockade persists

The extraterritorial application of the blockade is preventing the donation of a piano to Cuba from the UK

Altruistic work in Nepal and Ecuador

"I have learned to improvise, look for solutions with the few resources at hand," says Dr. José Ángel Zayas Power, a member of the Henry Reeve Contingent who has served in over 20 countries

Solidarity from Cuba for Ecuadoran brothers and sisters

Cubans support Ecuador’s Citizens’ Revolution, as demonstrated in a ceremony held in a central avenue of Havana, in front of the monument to General Eloy Alfaro, former president of this South American nation

International students express their support for Cuba’s struggles

“We know that you are not only excellent brigadistas, but are also training to be good professionals, because to develop our countries we need human beings who offer unconditional support, but especially humanism”

Polio vaccination: Well-being guaranteed by the Revolution

To assure the tranquility of Cuban families, currently underway this month is the 56th national polio vaccination campaign, providing rapid and efficient protection against the disease, to all children across the country

Cuba, a beacon of social justice

Chilean activist Leandro Lanfranco Leverton, director of the national commission responsible for organizing Cuba solidarity brigades from his country, talks about the historic ties between the two countries