Havana, August 25, 2016
“Year 58 of the Revolution”

Friends of the world, this letter is intended to express our deepest support for the brothers and sisters of IFCO/Pastors for Peace. For over 30 years these brothers have carried out intense and unconditional social efforts, not seeking to convert or profit, against abuses, discrimination and in favor of universal human rights; and specifically in regards to Cuba, have opposed the blockade that the United States government has imposed for over 50 years.
Our dear brother Lucius Walker demonstrated unwavering solidarity in support of people in perennial suffering due to deprivation; in Cuba we thank him for his unconditional solidarity, with no other form of remuneration than love and friendship, thanks to which we religious institutions, hospitals and schools, have been able carry out our functions in such special conditions as those imposed on us by the blockade.
Thus we fail to understand the situation currently facing our IFCO (Inter-Religious Foundation for Co­mmunity Or­ganization/Pastors for Peace) brothers, as the Cuban people have been one of the direct beneficiaries of multiple donations which have included medical equipment and medicines among other things; who together with the Cuban people and other peoples around the world have struggled against social inequalities.
We second that expressed by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) that the attack on the IFOC is an attack on solidarity.
We urge all religious and non-religious friends of the world to support this cause.

Long live inter-religious dialogue!

Long live solidarity among all peoples!

Federation of Spiritualists of Havana

Yoruba Cultural Association of Cuba

Supreme Council of the Abacuá Association of Cuba

Bantú Religious Institution of Cuba