Photo: Granma

BAYAMO, Granma.— In order for trade unions to be capable of mobilizing the masses to ensure productive efficiency and the socio-economic development of the country, greater training of grassroots rep trade union reps is urgently required.

This was acknowledged by delegates to the Cuban Workers’ Federation (CTC) annual evaluation assembly in the province of Granma, held this Tuesday, January 31.

In this regard, Ulises Guilarte De Nacimiento, a member of the Party Political Bureau and CTC secretary general, noted that economic and legal knowledge would provide union leaders with the tools to formulate their own criteria, rather than merely repeating administrative discourse.

He recalled that grassroots trade union branches have a responsibility to represent their members, and to mobilize them to ensure efficiency and productivity in their workplaces, a commitment that demands awareness of the new provisions governing labor relations in Cuba.

To do so, he added, it is necessary to hold quality grassroots union meetings, which serve as a perfect platform to discuss and solve the specific problems of each workplace.

Among the topics analyzed during the assembly were the membership of workers in the non-state sector, trade union influence in energy saving efforts, and the policy of cadres, the latter facing huge challenges.

Sigfredo Ledea, from the grassroots union branch of the Fishing Industry and Marketing basic enterprise unit, belonging to the Granma Fishing Enterprise, highlighted the momentum of the National Association of Innovators and Rationalizers (ANIR) in the province, which managed to contribute nine million pesos to the state last year.

However, Ledea also noted that there is insufficient recognition of these talented workers, who repair and innovate equipment essential for production processes, an aspect which discourages the movement.

In concluding the meeting, Federico Hernández, a member of the Central Committee and first secretary of the Party in Granma, insisted on the need to strengthen cadre policy, and to reach as many union members as possible, through effective functioning, to encourage workers to affiliate and achieve a permanent link between union leaders and collectives.

The assembly concluded with the election of the CTC provincial committee.