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The world has the floor

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez will address the United Nations General Assembly today, October 26, prior to the vote on Cuba's resolution calling for an end to the U.S. blockade, as Cubans across the island continue demonstrating against this hostile policy and the interventionist Presidential directive recently issued by Barack Obama

Working smart

Speaking with the press during a visit to sugar mills in the province of Granma, Machado Ventura emphasized working smart, to deal with less than favorable weather conditions

Protecting livestock during dry season

Second Party Secretary José Ramón Machado Ventura, visiting the province of Granma, called on livestock ranchers to prepare now for the dry season

The sweet taste of renovation

The Bayamo Dairy Products Enterprise, located in Granma province, is benefiting from repair and maintenance at several of its units to improve production and food safety processes

Reliving the Granma landing

Topics relating to the Granma expedition will be debated at the original landing site

Moving toward the future under the guidance of Fidel

The commitment of new generations of Cubans, to keep the legacy of the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro alive, was reaffirmed on December 6 during a political act and walk in the municipality of Jiguaní in honor of the 46th anniversary of the Federation of Secondary School Students

Documentary on Celia Sánchez premieres in Granma

The film produced by Mundo Latino, and directed by Ariel Prieto-Solís presents an accurate, inspiring recollection of the life and work of one of the nation’s most outstanding figures

Fidel's unwavering confidence in victory

The Comandante en Jefe's unwavering confidence in victory was recalled on the 60th anniversary of the day rebel troops led by Fidel and Raúl were reunited