The achievements of five decades of continuous efforts to develop and perfect Cuban nephrology will be presented by the Dr. Abelardo Buch López Institute of Nephrology (INEF), which will host various activities March 16 - 18 to mark the 50th anniversary of this specialty on the island.

The events – taking place at the La Pradera International Health Center and organized by INEF and the Cuban Society of Nephrology – will also commemorate the 47th anniversary of the first successful kidney transplant in Cuba, and will include the 18th National Course on Pediatric Nephrology, and the Conference on Advances in Nephrology Nursing.

An important group of prestigious Cuban professors and others from countries such as the United States, Argentina, Spain, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia and Puerto Rico, will discuss core issues in this medical field, such as living-donor kidney transplantation; the use of this method of substitution of renal function in later life; the prospects of this specialty in Cuba; and future aspects to be developed in this procedure.

Likewise, according to the scientific program, issues related to recurrent disease after kidney transplants; obesity and kidneys; cardiorenal syndrome; the past, present and future of peritoneal dialysis in Cuba; complications in children receiving this treatment; the kidney and its contribution to general cardiovascular risk; therapeutic advances in the treatment of renal anemia; the role of nursing in ambulatory urological management; Cuba’s experience in the use of recombinant human erythropoietin; among other relevant topics, will be addressed.

With the founding of the Institute of Nephrology in 1966, the development of nephrology began in Cuba, and four years later the first successful kidney transplant took place on the island.