The Portuguese political leader explained that during his stay in Cuba he held several meetings with authorities. Photo: Ismael Batista

The ties that unite Cuba and Portugal are in an excellent state, an example of which was Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa’s visit to the island last year, and more recently Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez’s tour of the European nation.

Likewise, a delegation of the Portuguese Communist Party(PCP), headed by its General Secretary, Jerónimo de Souza, recently visited Cuba.

In this context, De Souza offered an exclusive interview with Granma International, where he referred to the activities carried out on the island and the main tasks in which the PCP is currently immersed.

The Portuguese political leader explained that during his stay in Cuba he held several meetings with authorities, in which he was able to verify the great efforts being made by the island toward its economic and social development.

In addition, De Souza learned about the difficulties encountered during this process, resulting from both external and internal factors. However, he noted the confidence and conviction that such difficulties will be overcome in order to maintain the Cuban revolutionary project.

The PCP General Secretary had the opportunity to participate in the tributes to mark the anniversary of the birth of Ernesto Che Guevara, in Santa Clara on June 14.

It was a great day, marked by the presence and tributes of the youngest generations, he remarked.

When questioned in this central province as to which subjects he would have liked to discuss with Che, De Souza replied that “I would have talked about the socialism we want to build. Yours here in Cuba, and ours in Portugal. We live in dark times, where the threat of war is present, and we must all fight against this evil.”



In recent years, Portugal has suffered under a right-wing government that unleashed a brutal offensive against workers’ rights. However, the PCP has fought hard against such a policy and those implementing it, De Souza stressed.

He explained that in this sense, the parliamentary elections of 2015 represented a victory, as the majority of the Portuguese people voted against the right.

The election saw the Unitary Democratic Coalition (CDU), made up of the PCP and the Ecologist Party “Os Verdes” - both leftist forces - obtain 17 seats in the Assembly of the Republic (parliament).

We have power in 34 municipalities of Portugal, with the metropolitan area of Lisbon being one of the most important. We also have several Members of the European Parliament, the Portuguese politician explained.

My Party has maintained its strong parliamentary influence, and every day struggles to transform society. “The PCP is patriotic and internationalist,” De Souza emphasized.

He noted that thanks to the organization’s efforts, a motion was approved expressing condolences following the death of Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro, last year.

Referring to relations between the Portuguese Communist Party and Cuba, Jerónimo de Souza stated that they are based on a strong friendship and solidarity.