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Re-opening Pandora’s Box

As the 25th anniversary of the signing of the Peace Accords which put an end to 12 years of civil war in El Salvador approaches, a new decree is reopening the pages of this painful history


President Santos in Havana

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos arrived in the Cuban capital, today June 23, to participate in the signing of agreements between his government and the FARC-EP on an end to hostilities in the country's 50 year conflict

Central America: The route of broken dreams

While Cuban emigrants have a practically guaranteed route to the “American dream,” given the privileges afforded by the Cuban Adjustment Act, their continental siblings must scramble through deserts and jungles to avoid border patrols and vigilantes

Cuba & Caricom continue to strengthen relationship

Celebration of Cuba-Caricom Day commemorates December 8, 1972, when four Caribbean countries established diplomatic relations with revolutionary Cuba, despite U.S. efforts to isolate the country

2015 in Latin America

A review of some of the most important events in Latin America and the Caribbean this past year

Cuba-Caricom: A reference for the region

Cuba and Caricom have developed a framework of economic and policy ties cemented in solidarity, cooperation and complimentarity

Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda strengthen ties

Este­ban Lazo Her­nández, a member of the PCC Political Bureau and president of the National Assembly of People’s Power, received Sir Gerald Watt, speaker of Antigua and Barbuda’s House of Representatives