Photo: Granma

Santa Clara.– On October 4, students and teachers from the Marta Abreu de Las Villas Central University, raised their voices in opposition to the cruel and genocidal economic , commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. on the island for over 50 years.
During the public debate, which saw the participation of several provincial deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, teachers and students from various faculties spoke about the impact of the policy on both peoples.
The event kicked off with remarks by Professors Jorge Félix Díaz and Yuri Fernández from the University’s Law School, during which they addressed the United States’ historic obsession with Cuba, as well as the extraterritorial and persecutory nature of the policy which has been tightened by the Trump administration.
Fourth year Law student Jorge Sanabria Vivas, noted that the U.S. has normalized relations with Vietnam, but continues to impose a blockade on Cuba, to the detriment of both peoples.
Meanwhile, professor Raciel Lima Orozco, with a PhD in Veterinary Medicine, talked about the additional cost of the blockade for Cuba and its scientists. He noted that the policy prevents Cuba from purchasing U.S. products directly from that country, forcing it to source them from distant markets, thus significantly increasing costs.  
Other researchers also discussed the negative effects of the blockade on U.S. citizens, who are prevented from accessing one-of-a-kind Cuban-developed medicines, such as Heberprot P to treat foot ulcers in diabetic patients.
During the meeting, the university community reaffirmed its commitment to the Cuban Revolution, its historic leadership, and condemned recent steps taken by the U.S. government against the country.