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New solar park opened in Villa Clara

The province’s second solar park, which forms part of a national program to increase the use of renewable energy sources , recently came into operation in the town of Caguagua

Tribute to Fidel, today in Villa Clara

Fidel's re-encounter with the people of Villa Clara, when he praised their ability to overcome difficulties and obstacles; his stay in Che's camp; and visits with comrades in the city, will be recalled this morning during a commemoration of the first anniversary of the Comandante en Jefe's death

Successful investments on Villa Clara's northern keys

With his extraordinary strategic vision, the historic leader of the Revolution was able to foresee the adversities of the Special Period, and recognize that one of the country's principle sources of income was to be found on this string of barrier islands

Tourism that maximizes and respects local assets

In honor of Fitcuba 2018, recently held in Villa Clara, various investment projects focused on the province’s natural, historical and cultural attributes are currently underway

Security, the key to tourist development in Cuba

Tour operators, travel agencies, directors of airlines, journalists and representatives of the world’s top hotel chains, attending FITCuba 2018, highlighted the quality of Cuba’s leisure products and potential as a tourist destination

New homes for victims of Hurricane Irma

In addition to the construction of new facilities benefiting residents, 54 families affected by Hurricane Irma from the Emilio Córdova community in Villa Clara, received new homes

For Cuba and for Fidel

Granma spoke to citizens across the country who came out on November 26 to vote for delegates to municipal assemblies of People’s Power

Scenes from Election Day

The Cuban people were the protagonists of elections on Sunday March 11. Granma offers readers stories and anecdotes from across the entire island on Election Day

Cuba producing modern electric motorcycles

The new model, able to reach speeds of up to 50 km per hour, is an improved version of that previously produced by the factory