Photo: Cortesía de la ZEDM

The portfolio of foreign investment opportunities available within the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) was presented today at the Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2017.

The presentation coincided with the celebration of the fourth anniversary of the establishment of the zone.

The event was attended by representatives of those entities already operating in the zone, and others who have presented projects. Ana Teresa Igarza Martínez, director general of the Mariel Special Development Zone Office, explained that new results have been seen this year, despite limitations the country has suffered, and that the zone continues to be the most attractive site in which to invest in the Caribbean.

In turn, she explained that the portfolio of opportunities includes 50 new businesses and that to date the Mariel Special Development Zone has expanded in eight branches of the Cuban economy: industry, biotechnology, logistics, food industry, construction, pharmaceuticals, transport, and furniture.

The biotechnology sector presented seven projects, as did as the pharmaceutical industry, among which the production of cancer vaccines stands out. In the logistics field, the construction and operation of comprehensive logistic facilities and services are planned.

Three projects are outlined in transportation, relating to the zone itself, featuring remodelling, the renting of cars for users and transporting workers. The furniture sector features one business opportunity for construction and management of new standards.

Igarza noted that there are currently 31 approved businesses, of which five involve Cuban companies, 16 foreign companies, eight joint ventures, and two international economic associations.

Among the Cuban enterprises are Cimex Mariel, whose main objective is the elaboration and commercialization of Cubita coffee. Foreign companies include Fidas, from Brazil; Enginov, of Portugal, which aims to create a construction complex; and Autocentro Zed, from Russia, who hope to create a Kamaz truck center in the country.

Among the joint ventures are Logística Hotelera del Caribe, in collaboration with Spain, which will import and distribute food and hotel supplies. Meanwhile, Cupet and Sherrit established themselves as an international economic association.

Four years of after its creation, the ZEDM has seen discreet but constant progress, with the intention of becoming an open door to the world.