Photo: Nuria Barbosa

Progress on important tasks underway and projections that will allow for further advances were debated yesterday, November 16, of the first conference of the National Union of Construction Workers, at the Federation of Cuban Workers (CTC) headquarters in Havana.

Among the issues addressed were workers' participation in improving efficiency and quality; new technology; organization of projects; maintenance of completed works; and sustainable management of water.

Participating were Ulises Guilarte de Nacimiento, member of the Party Political Bureau and general secretary of the CTC; René Mesa Villafaña, minister of Construction; Inés María Chapman, president of the National Water Resources Institute; and Carlos de Dios Oquendo, secretary general of the Construction Workers Union.

Agreement was reached on a process of evaluation and discussion in local union branches, to allow for a thorough analysis of problems in the sector. Delegates in attendance emphasized the need for greater participation by the union in the management of projects, especially when several entities are involved, via the development of a more efficient system of communication. All agreed that quality is improved when self-management and shared responsibility are practiced.

Reiterated was the reality that the best place to discuss any problem or conflict is in local assemblies of union members, while the need for legal and economic training of union leaders was stressed.

The union's leading role was the central axis of comments made during a commission meeting to evaluate the organization's functioning and daily work. A variety of suggestions were made to strengthen bodies that can propose means and ways to improve planning, organization, monitoring, and evaluation of work.