The Party Central Committee Political Bureau agreed to promote compañera Yailin Orta Rivera to occupy the post of Editor-in-chief of the newspaper Granma. Upon graduating with a degree in Journalism in 2006 from the University of Havana, Yailin began working at the paper Juventud Rebelde as a reporter/staff writer. Given her commitment to her work and her results she was promoted successively to head of department, deputy editor and editor-in-chief. She is 34 years old, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba, and a member of the National Committee of the Young Communist League (UJC).

To replace Yailin at Juventud Rebelde, the Political Bureau also agreed to promote compañero Yoerky Sánchez Cuellar, who graduated with a degree in Journalism in 2007 from the Marta Abreu Central University of Las Villas. He began his working life as a reporter/staff writer at the newspaper Vanguardia, in Villa Clara. For 4 years he was editor of the magazine Alma Mater, of the Casa Editora Abril publishing house. Since 2014 he has worked for Juventud Rebelde, where he was department head and is currently deputy editor. He is 34 years old, a member of the Communist Party of Cuba Central Committee and a deputy to the National Assembly of People’s Power.