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First draft of proposed new Constitution progressing

Wide-ranging and profound discussion has continued among members of the commission charged with writing the first draft of a new Constitution, with the goal of putting a document into the hands of the people that will strengthen the Revolution

Díaz-Canel receives the Prime Minister of Namibia

During the fraternal meeting, Cuba’s First Vice President thanked Namibia for its support following Hurricane Irma, as well as in the fight against the U.S. blockade

Mercedes López Acea receives First Lady of Panama

Lorena Castillo de Varela, First Lady of Panama, is visiting Cuba to deliver donations as part of the aid offered by her country to the island following Hurricane Irma


Beyond the restitution of Lula’s rights as a former President

The most recent ruling by Judge André Nabarrete indicated that former Brazilian heads of state are awarded “rights and prerogatives in consonance with the assumption of the Republic’s highest office, and have no legal limitations”

U.S. and Cuban companies reach agreement on Heberprot-p

Given the success of the product and recently established agreements between Cuban and U.S. entities, it is hoped that the medication will soon be available to patients in the United Sates

Raúl receives President of Kenya

In an atmosphere of cordiality, the two leaders agreed on emphasizing the relations of friendship that exist between their countries and their intention to strengthen political ties and cooperation


Party leadership body meets

The Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee commissions analyzed questions related to the implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution, as well as the central economic and social issues facing the country

Neurologists question U.S. accusations of sonic attacks in Havana

At the international congress NeuroCuba 2017 held in Havana, November 16-18, with more than 500 specialists from 14 countries on hand, the Cuban professional society expressed its scientific concerns about information disseminated by media regarding alleged sonic attacks on U.S. diplomatic personnel in Cuba