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U.S. and Cuban companies reach agreement on Heberprot-p

Given the success of the product and recently established agreements between Cuban and U.S. entities, it is hoped that the medication will soon be available to patients in the United Sates

Cuba with Venezuela in the struggle for life

Four Venezuelan children in need of bone marrow transplants will be treated in Cuba, since their health is being affected by escalating U.S. sanctions on this sister country


Party leadership body meets

The Communist Party of Cuba's Central Committee commissions analyzed questions related to the implementation of the Economic and Social Policy Guidelines of the Party and the Revolution, as well as the central economic and social issues facing the country

March 14: Cuban Press Day

March 14 is celebrated across the island as Día de la Prensa Cubana (Cuban Press Day), to honor all those working in the media and commemorate the first edition of Patria, the newspaper founded by Cuba’s national hero, José Martí, in 1892

Raúl receives President of Kenya

In an atmosphere of cordiality, the two leaders agreed on emphasizing the relations of friendship that exist between their countries and their intention to strengthen political ties and cooperation

The births of Maceo and Che

The two legendary leaders were both born on June 14; chance could not have devised anything more appropriate

U.S. master plan to destroy Bolivarian Venezuela

This perverse subversion project, revealed by Argentine intellectual Stella Calloni, includes harassing and ridiculing Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, to cast him as simple-minded and incompetent