When we begin to talk about Martí and Fidel, the commonalities are clearly evident. Looking at the work of each one and the ideas that marked their lives, we see how much the two men separated in time shared.


José Martí: Unity of thought, which in no way means servitude to opinion, is without a doubt an indispensable condition to success in all political projects.

Fidel: One of the factors that gave our revolutionary process extraordinary strength was unity.


José Martí: The homeland requires sacrifices. It is an altar not a pedestal. The homeland is to be served, but this is assumed to make use of her.

Fidel: The homeland, brothers and sister, is a labor of all those who are disposed to sacrifice for her.


José Martí: We seek solidarity not as an end in itself, but rather as a means to ensure that our America fulfills its universal mission.

Fidel: Awareness of the duty of international solidarity was established from the beginning and has become one of the essential questions, one of the essential elements of education and the revolutionary consciousness of our people.


José Martí: These days, I am in danger of giving my life for my country and for my duty … to prevent on time, with Cuba's independence, that the United States extend itself throughout the Antilles, and fall, with this added power, upon the lands of our America.

Fidel: How well we the yankees! If we had conceded just once to the demands of the imperialists, the Cuban Revolution would not exist. What has stopped the imperialists is the heroism of our people …