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Venezuela defends its right to head Mercosur

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez defended her country’s right to assume the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) pro tempore presidency during her participation July 11, in a meeting of the integrationist organization in Uruguay

Raúl, a visionary leader of Our America

Granma shares, in the form of a timeline, some of the most relevant moments in Raúl's relationship with Latin America and the Caribbean, through his words and action

Cuba in Africa: Solidarity in the face of brutality

Today, May 4, is the 40th anniversary of the Cassinga massacre, in which hundreds of Namibian refugees lost their lives at the hands of racist South African forces, and Cuba's heroic efforts prevented an even greater number of deaths

Yes, for the future

To be selected in the upcoming second stage of Cuban elections are 605 deputies and members of Cuba's Council of State, including its President and Vice President

Cuba united in grief

The Cuban people and authorities have mobilized to provide victims’ loved ones with all the support at this difficult time

Fidel visits school: Photo gallery

On April 6, Fidel visited the Vilma Espín Educational Center, where he participated in a tribute to the revolutionary heroine for which the school is named, and interacted enthusiastically with children and staff

Cuba nominates its people's candidates

In accordance with Cuba's electoral law, on January 21 the country’s 168 Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power approved candidates for provincial delegates and deputies to the National Assembly of People’s Power, who will be elected in a popular vote March 11