Photo: Jose M. Correa

To date 33 users, whose products and services will supply the national and international markets, have been approved in the economic enclave known as the Mariel Special Development Zone as it aspires to become a regional reference for foreign investment, according to Cubadebate.
Benoit Croonenberghs, head of BDC TEC, which produces temperature gauges, industrial applications and water treatment systems, and one of the various international businesspeople investing in Cuba, stated that “This was a successful first year.
“We invested in Cuba because we believe it meets various principles. One of which is business profitability, as well as the fact that there exists a market which demands our services,” he stated, while also noting that the company is currently collaborating with Cuban universities.
Since the project began, the Cuban state has invested around 300 million USD a year in developing high standard infrastructure which is now ready and available for investors. Meanwhile, investments in the zone currently stand at over 1.18 billion USD.
Completed during the first stage of the project from 2011 to 2014, was the Mariel Container Terminal (TCM); vital to facilitating the movement of goods to and from the island.
In addition, an access road connecting the Havana - Pinar del Río Highway to the TCM was built; the first stage of the Logistic Activities Zone (ZAL) was completed, a railway line from the TCM to Havana was installed; and dredging of the bay began.