Photo: Jorge Luis Merencio

Baracoa, Guantánamo.– A total of 36,743 homes (83.8%) affected by hurricanes Irma and Matthew in the province have been repaired, according to information presented during a review meeting presided by Army Chief of Staff Ramón Espinosa Martín, a member of the Party Political Bureau and deputy minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
Nancy Acosta Hernández, first Party secretary in the province, reported that repairs remain to be carried out on 7,079 homes, the majority of which were completely destroyed by the hurricanes, as well as 300 partial collapses. She also noted that all dwellings, whose roofs were partially or totally destroyed, have been fixed.
Hernández went on to state that 77% of homes have been repaired by the occupants themselves, with the support of neighbors and friends; and the remaining 23% by the state.
Before the meeting Espinosa Martín visited sites where recovery efforts continue in the municipality of Maisí, including the Yumurí-Jobo Claro highway, repairs to which are almost complete, as well as facilities dedicated to the production of construction materials.
Martín, also a decorated Hero of the Republic of Cuba, toured the recently reopened Los Arados cement factory, construction works at the La Máquina bus terminal, as well as the community of Limones, where residents have received new homes as part of the Venezuelan-sponsored Petrocasas project, among others.