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Maisí: Where the sun rises first (Photos)

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew battered the easternmost point of Cuba, but the will to rebuild has reversed the damage and the municipality now boasts a new reality

Maisí coffee harvest on the road to recovery

 3,328 hectares of coffee have been recuperated, representing 67% of the area affected by Hurricane Matthew, and 93% of the 3,564 hectares set to be salvaged in the first stage of recovery efforts


Recovery efforts advancing in Guantánamo

In her report to delegates of the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power, Nancy Acosta Hernández, president of the body, highlighted that recovery works are continuing in the municipalities hot hard by Hurricane Matthew, which have received support from international organizations and countries such as Venezuela

Recovery efforts in Baracoa praised

Despite slow progress in coconut producing areas, efforts to repair damage to agricultural facilities linked with cacao and coffee production are steadily moving ahead

Venceremos Brigade to visit Guantánamo

Youth from the United States, taking part in the Venceremos Brigade, will exchange with young people in Guantánamo and undertake urban agriculture tasks

Cuba’s first city founded 505 years ago

The varied program planned to celebrate the city’s 505 years, this coming August 15, is characterized by the involvement of all sectors and the population’s leading role


New construction materials industry to support recovery

To support efforts to repair damage caused by Hurricane Matthew, 22 small plants producing construction materials will soon be in operation in the province

For Cuba and for Fidel

Granma spoke to citizens across the country who came out on November 26 to vote for delegates to municipal assemblies of People’s Power

Cuban women denounce U.S. blockade and intervention

Teresa Amarelle, member of the Party Political Bureau and secretary general of the Federation of Cuban Women, leads event in the municipality of Imias condemning hostile U.S. policies