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Five years after its creation, the Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM) has 41 approved users, including one concessionaire, of which 17 are already operating, a sign of the progress in the Zone and the interest that Cuba arouses as an investment site.

As was reported during the Third Investment Forum at the Havana International Fair (FIHAV 2018), Sector A of the ZEDM continues developing as an industrial and logistical area, while work is ongoing on the management plan for Sector H, dedicated primarily to tourism. These will be followed by Sector B, almost an extension of A, and Sector G, linked to the construction materials industry.

It was also revealed that major industries such as biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, logistics, and advanced technology manufacturing, continue among the main areas of interest for the Zone, in order to contribute to the effective substitution of imports.

Although it is necessary to continue improving the training of Cuban negotiating teams to make them more proactive, Ana Teresa Igarza Martínez, director general of the ZEDM Office, pointed to the discreet advances regarding the participation of domestic enterprises, as well as in the establishment of productive chains, one of the fundamental principles to achieve development.

She also highlighted the presence in the Zone of several industries prioritized by the country, such as biotechnology, packaging, renewable energy, logistics, together with the food and construction sectors. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the construction of three medicine production plants by the Mariel CIGB Biotechnology Industrial Complex, an enterprise of 100% Cuban capital. Its products will include Heberprot-P, and it will undoubtedly favor Cuban exports in this field.

As for the packaging and containers industry, which is extremely strategic in replacing costly purchases abroad, the recent establishment of the Vidrios Mariel S.A. joint venture with Italy is significant, which will substitute current imports of glass bottles and containers for the food industry.

- Five of 100% Cuban capital
- 23 of 100% foreign capital
- 11 joint ventures
- Two International Economic Associations


- 1.663 billion USD

- 5,791 direct jobs

- 19 countries

- 10 multinationals

- International developer: 1
- Financial / Banking: 2
- Logistics and transport: 10
- Tourism: 1
- Industry: 8
- Agroindustrial: 1
- Food industry: 5
- Oil: 1
- Construction: 7
- Biotechnological: 2
- Renewable energy: 1
- Medical devices: 2

Principio del formulario

Final del formulario


- 43.2 km street lighting

- 40 km sewer system

- 310 Mwh power generation

- 77.2 km freeway and secondary roads

- 117.9 km infocommunications networks (optical fiber)

- 57.1 km double-track railway (new and rehabilitated)

- Three liquid waste treatment plants

- 317 km electrical networks

- 81.1 km-300 l/s aqueduct


TGT Caribe, S.A.: Spanish company of 100% foreign capital. Manufacture of cheese and dairy products.

SUCHEL TBV, S.A.: Cuba-Vietnam joint venture. Production of powdered detergents.

RESA CARIBE, S.A.: Spanish company of 100% foreign capital. Multidirectional scaffolding, lifting platforms, industrial and construction maintenance services.

Vidrios Mariel, S.A.: Cuba-Italy joint venture. Production of glass containers.

ViMariel, S.A.: Vietnamese concessionaire of 100% foreign capital. Infrastructure developer.

Innovative Immunotherapy Alliance, S.A.: Cuba-U.S. joint venture. Biotechnology.

Agunsa Mariel, S.A.: Chilean company of 100% foreign capital. Logistics operator.

CTB Service, S.A.: Spanish company of 100% foreign capital. Leasing, maintenance and repair of equipment.