Fidel proclaimed the socialist character of the Cuban Revolution during the burial of victims killed during the U.S. bombing of airports on April 15. Photo: Raúl Corrales

The so-called Lima Group once again took the lead in imperialism’s interventionist show, yesterday, when it met to call on the international community to support “the restoration of democracy in Venezuela" and to urge countries like China, Russia, Turkey and of course, Cuba, to join this sham process of democratization.
As part of the final declaration of the 12th Foreign Ministers Summit of the group, held in Santiago de Chile, denounced was the alleged negative impact of the support offered by the mentioned countries to the "Nicolás Maduro regime." As if that were not enough, they requested that international organizations advance in the recognition of representatives designated by the illegitimate National Assembly of Venezuela, which, we know, is in contempt of court and has nothing to do with the people.
The obsession of the White House with Cuba and Venezuela seems to have no limits and is escalating prior to April 17, when U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton has said he will announce "important steps" to face "the security threats" these countries represent and the "democratic crisis" in Nicaragua.
These nations - Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela - are nations that do not accept the Trump administration’s resurrection of the Monroe Doctrine, as Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said this past Saturday during the closing of the National Assembly of People’s Power, noting that the Trump government has not been able to keep its electoral promises to rebuild industry and the nation’s greatness, and has sunk “into a morass of ridiculous lies, asserting that three Latin American nations, struggling to overcome inherited underdevelopment, threaten the powerful empire."
Yesterday, on Twitter, the Cuban President recalled that sad April 15, 58 years ago, when "U.S. aircraft with false Cuban insignia bombed Cuba, in the prelude to the Girón aggression” (Bay of Pigs) and “A dying young man wrote Fidel with his own blood.”
This April 16, Cubans return to raise our rifles into the air, with the same fortitude and willingness to fight as in 1961, when on this date Fidel handed weapons to the people to defend the sovereignty and dignity we had won, and as Diaz-Canel said, faced with the same lies and aggression of imperialism, our response will be "the same courage and loyalty."