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U.S. lies to justify further attacks on Cuba

In statements to the press on Wednesday afternoon, the Cuban Foreign Ministry’s Deputy Director for the United States, Johana Tablada, reiterated that “Cuba does not participate with military troops or personnel in military operations in Venezuela”

Sao Paulo Forum, a vital battle for unity

Granma International talks with José Ramón Balaguer Cabrera,Party Secretariat member, about the history and importance of the gathering

What will happen at the São Paulo Forum in Havana?

July 15 -17, the 24th meeting of the Forum, that includes more than a hundred Latin American and Caribbean groups, will take place at the city’s International Conference Center

Courage and loyalty in the face of lies and aggression

This April 16, Cubans return to raise our rifles into the air, with the same fortitude and willingness to fight as in 1961, as the Bay of Pigs invasion began and Fidel handed weapons to the people to defend the sovereignty and dignity we had won, and as Diaz-Canel said, faced with the same lies and aggression of imperialism, our response will be "the same courage and loyalty"

The blockade in facts and figures

Granma provides a summary of the latest calculated damages to Cuba caused by the U.S. blockade policy. Cuba will present its annual report on the blockade damages to the UN General Assembly this October

Like silver in the bedrock of the Andes

A special plenary session entitled “For the Unity and Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean,” central theme of the 24th Meeting of the São Paulo Forum, focused the debates of the second day of this annual space for political coordination