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Trump knows about war, but nothing about solidarity

The only troops Cuba has in Venezuela are the doctors in our army of white coats, helping to save lives there, as thousands of others do around the world

They cannot stop us. We will live and triumph.

Yesterday the U.S. Treasury Department added to sanctions announced April 17, and the activation of Title III of the Helms-Burton Act, the prohibition of "people to people" cultural and educational trips, plus others related to travel and transportation services, remittances, banking, commerce, and telecommunications

Reason and justice cannot be blockaded

The world has condemned and calls for an end to the United States blockade of Cuba. It is an elementary right of the island to be able to decide its future without foreign interference

From the band of those who love and create

As international condemnation of the latest U.S. sanctions continues to grow, three cruise lines operating on the island began to withdraw and apologize to their guests for changes in itineraries, with some 800,000 passengers affected

Cuban healthcare travels any distance

A visit with a young Cuban doctor, working in a remote community in Venezuela’s easternmost state, Delta Amacuro

Kofi Annan universally recognized

The news of Kofi Annan’s death at 80 years of age moved many around the world, and in Cuba his contributions were recalled and recognized

Courage and loyalty in the face of lies and aggression

This April 16, Cubans return to raise our rifles into the air, with the same fortitude and willingness to fight as in 1961, as the Bay of Pigs invasion began and Fidel handed weapons to the people to defend the sovereignty and dignity we had won, and as Diaz-Canel said, faced with the same lies and aggression of imperialism, our response will be "the same courage and loyalty"