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Santa Clara.— In the current context in which cultural processes are unfolding, the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Uneac, is called upon to become a space of resistance and to protect the most authentic roots of our national culture, stated poet, writer and essayist Miguel Barnet Lanza, speaking during the organization’s annual review meeting in Villa Clara.
During the event, the author of Cimarrón, who was accompanied by Julio Lima Corzo and Alberto López Díaz, senior Party and government officials in the province, respectively; spoke about current and future challenges facing the nation given the global invasion of pseudoculture, and the need therefore to promote and revive the very best of Cuban and universal cultural values.
In this sense, various representatives of the province’s artistic vanguard highlighted the many problems associated with current modes of cultural consumption and the poor dissemination of the very best of contemporary art, including that created in Villa Clara, due to, among other reasons, the lack of a coherent policy able to enhance the good and eradicate mediocrity.
As such, author Ricardo Riverón noted that Uneac must encourage healthy debate on the kind of values promoted in certain spaces, which are far removed from those belonging to the kind of society we aspire to.
Deputy Minister of Culture, Fernando Rojas stressed the role of the media in this regard, noting that a strategy must be developed which prioritizes and promotes the very best of Cuban and global art, regardless of trends, which can sometimes lack quality.
Speaking about protecting patrimonial assets, Ernesto Alejo, choreographer and director of the Danza del Alma Company, cited various examples of disrespectful attitudes and damage to institutions, such as the La Caridad Theatre, by unscrupulous people who commit acts of social indiscipline which are corroding our society today, and must be decisively combated.
During the meeting, which saw participants review the organization’s performance in Villa Clara last year, Julio Lima Corzo, first secretary of the Party in the provenience, called on writers and artists to join the “Villa Clara con todos” campaign, which seeks to remedy many of the problems highlighted in the encounter and restore pride to the people of Villa Clara.