Popular U.S. actor and activist Danny Glover has expressed solidarity with Cuba in the wake of President Trump's announcement of plans to reinforce the U.S. imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade. Photo:

After announcing plans to reinforce hostile U.S. policy toward Cuba, the U.S. President should recognize the failure of his political turn-about, and that so many people can't be wrong, if he takes into consideration the condemnations generated by his reactionary statements, on the island and beyond.

More than 800 Cuban intellectuals, artists, communicators, academics, and promoters endorsed a letter directed to their U.S. counterparts in which they denounced the new policy and the brutal blockade we have faced for almost 60 years, and reaffirmed their desire to continue working together to construct a productive relationship in the field of culture, on a foundation of equality, sending a clear message, impossible to ignore.

Inside the U.S. itself, solidarity with Cuba was expressed by popular actor and activist Danny Glover; composer and professor at the celebrated Berklee College of Music, Neil Leonard; and critic Bill Tilford, salsa expert. Joining in from Uruguay was a patriarch of new Latin American music, Daniel Viglietti; from Spain, musician Santiago Auserón (Juan Perro) and singer Pilar Boyerosa; and in Puerto Rico, Tony Mapeyé.

With the authority she has earned at the summit of artistic endeavors, and with good reason, having begun her career as a dancer in the United States, Alicia Alonso declared in Madrid, "Trump's mandates are an insult to the principles of friendship and harmony between our peoples.”

Supporting the letter from Cuba are prominent figures in the country's intellectual vanguard, including Graziella Pogolotti, Roberto Fernández Retamar, and Eduardo Torres Cuevas; in artistic creation, filmmakers Juan Padrón and Rigoberto López; sculptors Alberto Lescay and José Villa Soberón; actors Jorge Perugorría, Corina Mestre, Osvaldo Doimeadiós and Fátima Patterson; composers Jesús Ortega and Roberto Valera; painters Flora Fong, Manuel Mendive, Alfredo Sosabravo, Pedro de Oraá, Roberto Diago, Ever Fonseca, and Eduardo Ponjuán; choreographers Manolo Micler and Santiago Alfonso; and prestigious institutions like the National Symphony Orchestra, the Aragon big band, and children's theater company La Colmenita.

Cuban figures recognized on U.S. stages who signed the letter include Omara Portuondo, Eliades Ochoa, Samuel Formell, Pupy Pedroso, X Alfonso, Orlando Valle (Maraca), the duo Buena Fe, Cándido Fabré, David Calzado, and the Charanga Habanera.

Some 30 Cuban bloggers have circulated on social networks the document, which states, "Trump puts on the brakes, backs up, and is lost in history, assuming the worst of positions," condemning "the return to an offensive discourse and a policy of the ancient past, defeated so many times," while repudiating "all attempts at coercion on the part of U.S. authorities."

At the foot of the statement, adding his signature was singer-songwriter Silvio Rodríguez, who for years has maintained an active presence on his personal blog, Segunda Cita.