President Nicolás Maduro emphasized yesterday, April 12, that the Bolivarian Constitution, drafted in 1999 with the leadership of Comandante Hugo Chávez, is the country’s most important instrument of peace.

The Carta Magna, he said, established “a new social structure, of power, a model of democratic society,” and called on Venezuelans to defend the document in the face of right-wing attacks.

Maduro made these comments during the installation in Caracas of a Commission for Truth, Justice and Reparations for Victims, which will focus on maintaining peace and justice in the country; winning reparations for the families of victims of political violence; and preventing the repetition of coups, murders of Bolivarian leaders, violent guarimbas, and attacks on the state.

The body will be led by Vice President Aristóbulo Istúriz and was organized in response to calls by the right wing in the country’s National Assembly for an amnesty law to release from prison those responsible for deaths during violent protests.

Maduro called on the people to safeguard their historical conscience, and “not allow this history which we have lived be erased from the collective memory, or from individual memories of all citizens. It has been a difficult process to win the right to build an independent nation, to open spaces for the construction of a new Latin America, a new Caribbean, a new renovated South America.”

Also attending the event was Ernesto Samper, secretary general of the Union of South American States. (AVN)