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Growing support for Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

The call for a Constituent Assembly is gaining ground, as organized political forces met May 8 to discuss the convocation, with the opposition coalition MUD, instigator of violent protests, still refusing to participate

President Maduro praises social programs in Venezuela

On September 7, Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro praised the results of social programs Robinson and Barrio Adentro, launched by the country’s former President Hugo Chávez (1954-2013) and implemented by the Bolivarian government


Maduro invites opposition to meet with government

Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, invited opposition members to meet with government representatives at Miraflores Palace, in order to strengthen formal talks and review the six point agenda agreed upon by both parties in talks held December 1-2 in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic

Venezuela delivers 1.4 million housing units

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro announced on January 19 that the Great Housing Mission Venezuela (GMVV, Spanish acronym) had reached the goal of delivering 1,400,000 homes throughout the countr


Support for Constituent Assembly grows

Health care workers took to the streets yesterday, May 17, to support the revolutionary government's call for a Constituent Assembly in Venezuela


The people of Caracas reaffirm support for Constituent Assembly

Venezuela is attacked because it has oil, gold, water, and gas… but also because it has a dignified people, said ANC deputy Diosdado Cabello speaking to a massive demonstration of support for the Constituent Assembly August 7


U.S. relentlessly attacks Venezuela

Through various representatives, the United States government has undertaken a total of 105 hostile actions and statements against Venezuela during the first five months of 2017