Thousands have marched in Caracas in support of the Constituent Assembly. Photo: AVN

The First Vice President of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, recently noted that the majority of Venezuelan citizens support President Nicolás Maduro’s call for a National Constituent Assembly to ensure peace in the country.

Every day the call for the Constituent Assembly gains ground, because the people know that it is an instrument to perfect democracy and protect social programs, with Venezuelans as protagonists, Cabello stated in the capital’s Plaza Morelos, during a gathering of government supporters.

“Now we will have a Constituent Assembly with the people in the street, expressing their opinion and making the necessary contributions to perfect the state in all its magnitude,” the National Assembly deputy added, as reported by Prensa Latina.

May 8 saw a meeting at the Palacio de Miraflores to inform the rest of Venezuela’s political parties about the convening of the Constituent Assembly and to receive their considerations.

The opposition coalition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), the main instigator of the violent protests that have shaken the country in recent weeks, did not however respond to the President’s call to meet.

Minister of Education and head of the National Constituent Assembly preparatory committee, Elías Jaua, explained that 18 parties had attended the meeting, and that the doors would remain open for those who wanted to “hear firsthand and officially” the arguments of the executive branch.

“We particularly call on MUD spokespeople, for the peace of our country, to reflect and to sit down to talk, to dialogue among Venezuelans, as the brothers that we are,” he told VTV. “We have deep differences, but we are obliged to bequeath to our children a Venezuela in peace, and the path forward is dialogue,” he added.

Jaua stressed that all political parties will be heard by the government and may offer their comments and critiques, in order “to foster debate,” and reiterated that President Maduro decided to begin this process to modify the country’s constitution, given the impossibility of establishing a valid dialogue process with the MUD.

In contrast, Julio Borges, president of the National Assembly, which continues to be in contempt of the judicial branch, reiterated his call for violence and street demonstrations against the Constituent Assembly.

The opposition mobilization in the capital, which marched toward the Ministry of Education, was overshadowed by the red tide that marched from Plaza Morelos to the corner of San Francisco Street, in support of the Bolivarian government initiative.

“Once again we are the people who are committed to peace, committed to the Constituent Assembly and to democracy, we have filled the streets of Caracas to tell President Maduro: we are here with you, in support of the National Constituent Assembly, which is nothing more than the advanced debate of all Venezuelan men and women in favor of peace,” socialist leader Angelo Rivas told AVN.